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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Bring Me Back To Life

Underneath the oceans, there are many plants called weeds. All the aquatic animals feed on these to survive.
Due to the fuel leakages on the surface of the water by ships, a thick layer of film is formed. This will prevent the sunlight reaching the depth of the oceans.

Here is a weed, shouting out, it's situation out for us. Drowned in the problems, but not losing the hope.
Poem - Bring me back to life

Am a weed underneath the sea,
withered away without the sunlight.

Drowned in water, but no light
to enlighten my life.

Those film of oil layers,
turned out as my foes.

It's been days here,
I've been waiting for my saviour.

Who can it be?
Where I can find?

Bring me back to life,
I am abandoned, i am betrayed.

I deserve love, I deserve care.
I am not demanding for them.

I know my perseverance won't go fruitless,
there must be a help for me.

There must be a rescue,
from this deep and dark sheol.

My prayers will be answered,
for there is timing for anything.

I am living with the hope,
Deliverance from the thick darkness.

I would like to see light,
One day I will.

Oh! My saviour,
bring me back to life.

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