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Friday, January 29, 2016

Peppy Principles Of Writing Colossal Articles

There is a writer in everyone. In you, in me and in many. But, all writers writings cannot influence or motivate the readers.
Someone must create a relation or develop an understanding between the reader and his/her writing. It is not an easy thing to do.
Following are some of the qualities of a writer, which have to be possessed by a writer.

These are the peppy ways as a writer to stand out from the crowd. And every pen ejected words and sentences must contain them. 
Let's dive in__

Visualization :

This is the basement for an author, to build a building of readership. Visualization is  like a very first brick in the construction of a building called writing. How much information is visualised by the writer, he can keep it all, at least a minute percent in his/her writing. Visualisation is the gift. And this doesn't need to do any with your eye-vision.

We know, there are some blind authors who wrote most heart touchable books. Yes, visualisation of an author is related to the mindset of the author. 
It depends on the past life, the localities and the situations in which one spent in childhood and raised up.
For example- if there is a roasted chicken in front of two people with different mindsets (here authors) one will think about the tastiness and appreciate the cooker. And the other will think about the harm and pain the hen had undergone in the process of roasting. 
So, this is why visualisation helps you to focus on how your mind is thinking.

It depends upon the mind. Genres may differ, all readers may not like your writings, but those who found the key in your writings, will never leave you alone.

Fearless :

Let's imagine, there is a person (boy/girl), who hates bullying. And he/she wants to write an essay on the topic called bullying. That person will not be able to write the remedies to bullying instead he/she will focus on the writing of their fears and experiences in facing the bullying because, they fear to this word. 
So, while you choose to write an enthusiastic passage try to drive away the fear (if exists) on the topic you chose. 

Because, beware! readers can feel your fear while they read on your writings. Even in the printed letters one can say that "Ahh!...this author might be in a running train or shaking his/her hands while writing". Readers are really intelligent ;) they can sense your writings.

Curious :

Never dare to choose a writing in which you’ve never shown an interest. Because, we can't focus on the reality to express our views to them who are reading it. We are not curious about our own topic. 
Curiosity is must and should to express the views and thoughts in a motivational way.
So, be curious.

Imaginative :

Both the reality and imagination will add the flavour to our writing. Because, we are not any political leaders to speak all the real (of course, they don't). The imagination of an author must be like a branch technology. One idea and one imagination must lead to the creation of other. By this imagination a writer will be able to dwell his/her readers in their imaginative reading.
Engaging the reader in the suspense and to steal their focus, imaginative writing is necessary.

Writing Colossal Articles

Collaborative :

This is also a supportive function in a program called writing. One writer must collaborate with the other...
Wait! wait! am just kidding here, as no two writers collaborate completely as they both are thinkers. That's why, they are writers.

Here, the collaboration means the mixup with the surroundings and the actuality with the things and places which we used in our writing. It must look like that we have much interaction with the things and places we mention in our writing.
It would be a crazy writing if a writer who never been to Antarctica, tries to write about "Expedition To Antarctica" at least he must have the idea or some literal knowledge about the icebergs, avalanches, polar bears, etc..

Resourceful :

The first rumour heard from the reader's mouth is "the author has gone mad" if we (the authors) write about a topic in which we lack the resources. 
This situation will occur in the case of the writings, where there must be a point to point evidence. However, in general writings, we don't observe this. In my recent experience, i saw an author who is an atheist trying to prove that the Bible is wrong. 
Well, he is really a good writer, with perfect grammar and stress usage. His writings made me to think for a while whether he may be right. It's a social commenting platform. So, i 've decided to comment on his writing. I posted like this "Sir, do you have any resources to keep this arguments high?" in reply to my comment, after three full days he replied "Nope, it was my thought i am no historian to look for resources" 
Yea, he was right he is neither a historian nor an archaeologist. Then, why did he wrote on a platform where there must be an evidence and resource data needed?? . As i said the same to him, he just deactivated his account in that social network. 
Be Careful, if your writings deal with the naturality. Be there with the resource to stand and keep your written work supported.

Journalistic :

We all are familiar with the above word. Yes, you got the point. Our writings must reflect like the writings of a journalistic mind. 
It doesn't mean, i am suggesting you to attend a training in journalism course, what i mean to say is we must modify, defy, and compress our writings in a journalistic manner. 

Say a lot with less words and in simple sentences as well as short, but cache.
Don't let the reader give up on your writing by saying that “ this author is outdated “ or “ he is just a long-ago writer”.

P.S : Here, in this post, i'm sharing my thoughts about writing. It doesn't and never meant to hurt any author's feelings.
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