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Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Chennai Floods Taught Me 3 Things

Chennai floods - prasanna Dasari

 #ChennaiFloods left us all in a misery. Many people suffered a lot because of these floods. Human, property loss had took place.
Many bloggers did blogged about this tragedy, everyone shared their experiences and encounters with this disaster.

Each one of the survivors will have an epic proportions of experience to share with the world. Few of them expressed through their writings and few saved in their hearts.

Every heart felt sad after hearing the real stories of the victims. Who to blame for this? Not a person, not any government. It's nature hand in this. And how can we blame nature? We've done a lot of bad to it.
We can't name this as ‘Revenge Of Nature’ because nature is always very kind. This is something beyond revenge.

Many of our friends are there in Chennai, checking them for hour to hour, concerned about their safety. Trying to assist them in one-way or the other, everyone of us did the same.

We don't have any idea how they suffered for food and shelter, we can only imagine. Placing ourselves in their place is an insight into their suffering.

Not just simply I came here and writing this, to be frank! I never thought that about writing for #ChennaiFloods.
I have my reasons before, I am not in Chennai to write about it. I can't make this post just only as a sign of sympathy for the victims.
Secondly- I didn't participated in any service to help people of Chennai.

Then tonight after watching a news (again) about the disaster, I couldn't stop myself from writing.
After all, this is not intended to hurt anyone.

These are completely my own and personal thoughts and doesn't depict any attachment with anyone.

After watching the news, I began to think. Why? What? How?

Why does this happened to Chennai? What are the reasons? How can I face it when i'm in that situation?

These 3 questions gave me 3 things to learn, I would like to share them here.


I realised many things with the #ChennaiFloods I know am not forever on this earth. Am running out of time, leaving behind many unfinished tasks. I have to urge to reach my goals and dreams.
When such disaster hits me I may or may not survive.
Before my dreams collapse like a card-buildings, I have no idea how to react to a sudden situation like this.

My realisation is about me and the society in which am living.
I have to question myself, how can I be the one of the helping hands? How can I help others in these cases, where no pre-warning is seen. I have to realise and ready to perform the essential functions.

Chennai got a big heart, it survived very well. Of course not alone.


For a while I thought I would never see these two words in the society. But, I was wrong. Chennai restored only due to these two things.
‘Human helping human’ is what ‘being human’
We all saw that in the rescue operations. Students to homemakers, all participated actively in the relief operations. This is humanity.
When men & women, children and adults, all together girt themselves to assist the victims, this is unity. It knows no race, no religion and no colour.


Rich, poor, beggar and all. All went under the same roof to save their lives. No indifferences are seen here, in this race for life. Under one shelter. One gentleman, hated to see that ugly face of a beggar who asked for alms everyday. Now he had to sit beside that beggar and eat.
One young lady who called the shelters of poor the worst places on earth, had to go inside to save her life. This is life, we don't know where it will take us.
chennai floods - world's showcase

Here, equality is most important thing to remember. The gentleman and young lady are none other than humans, like us.
Sometimes we also may feel proud about our achievements and successful life. Here we have to keep in mind one fact, the ground on which we are walking will swallow us one day to the place from where we never return.
Equality must be shown during the entire life cycle not only during the danger situations.

These are the three things I learnt from the #ChennaiFloods. And I am modifying myself to fix myself in the society to face the similar situations if faced in the future.

We all prayed for Chennai and it's well being. Let's #Prayforchennai and #prayforworld.
Change is within us, not anywhere.

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