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Sunday, November 01, 2015

A Letter To My Sister On Her Birthday

Sister's Birthday special

 November 1, 2015

Dear sister,

  It is always a blessing to me being your brother. There I found no suitable words to praise you. Am just writing this with the sincere involvement of my heart.

D.S.S. Vani, I always envy your big name ha-ha. I do remember sometimes those boxes in the applications aren't enough to write it in full.
Dasari Sarala Sithara Vani
Look at that massive name, it's always a special long name in my life.

Many birthdays gone and many more yet to come. But, I never took to pen & paper to express how I feel being your brother. Because you are happy and am lot more than happier. But, this year, very tough times running in our lives. We failed in reaching our individual goals as well as family goals. I don't regret to admit my mistakes. As a human am not perfect, I take wrong steps later i’ll correct them. I accept that I was careless and bit of neglecting in past. And that's not alone, my health is also a major issue. I am not here to complain or explain about anything, moreover I don't need any kind of sympathy. I am complete with what I got.

Few days back when I asked you about celebrating your birthday, you came up with an answer that pierced my heart through. You told there was no meaning for your existence. Actually that single word of you forced me to write to you on this birthday.

And I say, you got one hundred percent strong reason to rejoice and live on this earth. That's not because of your higher educational qualifications, not because of your beauty, not because of any talent you got. It is because of the sacrifices you made for our family.

To say it all clear, you are the true form of living sacrifice masterpiece. You sacrificed your valuable goals for the sake of mom's health. You sacrificed your time in spending hours of time in the kitchen, wrestling with the cooking (since you didn't know how to cook on your own without assistance before). Now, you became the top-chef in our family.
And you helped me in my darkest, when I was into that brutal accident I thought it was the dead end for my life. But, you are the only reason why I am here. You motivated me and inspired me, with your words and actions. How can you call yourself a failure?

Since my childhood, I learnt from you. Our mom is a patient, she is really weak. Dad's love and prayer is what that kept her alive. She taught us values and good habits. As you are elder, you implanted them all and in your footsteps i followed.

You hide your suffering behind the walls of tears and you pretend like you are happy.

Show me a person in my life who did that much sacrifice for me? It is all you and because of you our family is able to stand. If you find your own path then where could be my life? On hospital bed!.

You served me like a mother. You lowered yourself and humbled too. There are millions of reasons still I got to say that your life has a perfect meaning.

With what I can gift you? Nothing will be fit if I do so. Am still that same kid, who hold your little finger and went for a walk in the evenings. I didn't lost my sweet memories with you in my accident. If I say so, that is the best thing happened in my life. Because of that my bad time. I came to know who are the true people in my life, really loving me and staying by my side in my life. All that miserable time is a well taught lesson to me.

My mind got more sharp after that accident. But, my mental health got into problems. I am not mad, it is only when I get disturbed, I couldn't control myself. Am out of that pit all because of you and Dad. Show me a way to thank you sis?

Amidst of all this thanksgiving, you are the one and only one girl I know before, who taught me how to behave with girls. You exposed your sensitive nature and made me to understand the heart of a woman. Recently, someone said that I do not know the meaning of tears, I smiled and stood silent. Because I want them to know what is a teardrop alike by themselves. If I answer them, it becomes an unnecessary argument. You made me to feel all the bitterness and happiness.

Whatever I can achieve with your company. And no matter what and how much I achieve, they are still behind your love.


                                             Yours lovingly,
                                   Prasanna D. (Sunny).
Birthday wishes to sister


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