Embrace The Blogosphere - Liebster Award - World's Showcase


Friday, November 13, 2015

Embrace The Blogosphere - Liebster Award

Liebster Award World's Showcase

Blogosphere is embraced by the enthusiastic bloggers on the globe. It feels great to be a part of this environment as it helps us to learn and get awareness on most things.

Daily blogging is a big challenge to any blogger. It provides a system to follow and commitment to get blown away.
Out there are many resources available to encourage the newbies in blogging platforms and make them feel secured here without any underestimation.

Encouragement is fun, it earns new friends and it is really lovely to dwell in. When we help others to climb a step up it is amazing, mutual support is greatly appreciated in the blogosphere.

Blogging is addicted, if it is mastered. And it is the only place to raise our voice and shout out to the world. Nobody is going to stop you, especially in our country as we are democratic.
We have the right to speak and write, even criticize. But, the only difference between any social networking site and blogging is this- in blogosphere we learn to be polite and stick to the moral values and public interests. Whereas in the social networking sites, filthy is rapid. No-one is going to care anybody and slowly it gets disappeared from the troop.
We can observe this in many social medias, this is why number of apps born daily and wither.

Blogging roots are rooted deeply, this is now stable and cannot be removed due to it's reliability.
Joining various blogging communities will help us to gain fellow blogging friends, but all it takes is, the blogger's interest and creativity. Content is the blood of our blog-body.

We can blog anything we want, but if you are there, seriously looking for some source of income, you have to go on a different path when compared to those who blogs just to show their existence to the world. One have to target the audience with the posts they make and follow all the rules of SEO. If you are just willing to start off first, it's your time now. Become a blogger first, create the killer content and optimise the images and there we go… you are warmly welcomed into the universal blogosphere.

This is not an overnight thing to earn followers and follow the blogs under your niche. It is absolutely the consuming, waiting is worth after all here in blogosphere.

There are various projects with the theme of encouraging the bloggers. And now it's time for the LIEBSTER AWARD

Am glad to get nominated for this award by Sunaina Bhatia and this is a great opportunity to work on.
She is new to me and I like her way of expressing her views through her blog posts.
This is where one blogger get to know the other. And am sure she is kind hearted person, she nominated me for the award right after our meeting on the blog comments.
Am looking forward to explore her blog to know much about it.
Am really gratuitous to her for this nomination.
And I accept the award with whole heartedness and here am going to jump into the topic and formalities of Liebster.

Going head to head with the questions put forth before me by Sunaina . We'll discuss later in the post about how to achieve Liebster!

Q (1). Which of your blogpost is closest to your heart?
Almost all the blog posts from my blog and other blogger's whom I follow are close to my heart. Because I love to read and write about everything, without falling under in any genre.
To pick one of them, here Is This The Dreamt Freedom is very close to my heart, I wrote this with all my senses participating in writing. And I wrote it on the night before Independence day.

Q (2). Who is your biggest critic?
Coming to the criticism, I learnt on my path to success to accept criticism and turn them into positives. I was criticised on various levels, schools, colleges and more. Sometimes it is hard to remember who is the biggest among them.
Criticism is a talent and only few are gifted with this. Then I decided not to give them a special space in my heart as they are toxic to me. The biggest critic now I have and will have is ‘ME’. And this doesn't mean am encouraging self-criticism, here I follow with a process. I check and criticise my own works, I note down how the critics are going to target my weak points. I analyze them and prepare myself ready. I also modify and make some changes if necessary.
When I am on the other side of criticism, self-determination is strong in me. If not, I won't try this.

Q (3). What is happiness.
To enjoy the work we do, provided without any regrets on the choices we made in the past.
It varies from a person to person. For me, to live the moment without any regrets is happiness, to surrounded by our beloved ones is happiness.
And another thing is, when we don't need to search for happiness then it is the real happiness.

Q (4). What is the most inspiring thing you have read recently?
I would like to inspire and in the same way I would like to get inspired. I suck the inspiration from books/articles/blogs like a butterfly in the garden sucks the juice of a flower. I fetch for inspiration wherever necessary. Am that mad for inspiration sometimes even the flexes of ads with brilliant quotes steal my sight.
I am a quotestagramer, in my Instagram there are lot of quotes resting and filling energy. One of them which recently inspired is -
Abraham Lincoln quotes

Q (5). Who is your favourite author/poet/writer?
Not a particular personality, but the list is big. I like the works of Mark Twain and Arthur Conan Doyle. There were many short stories and amazing long stories which I used to read in school. All have their right place in my heart, evergreen.
Coming to the modern world, Indiblogger is the blogging network platform which is one and half year now being there. It helped me to interact with great writers and authors, poets and poetesses. It is what became my daily visiting platform.
All great bloggers are roaming around in IB.

Q (6). When it comes to appreciation, would you prefer a vote for your blog post or a comment?
For any blogger, appreciation is needed most to move forward. Appreciation is the energy for a writer.
And both voting and commenting are the signs of appreciation. If someone is voting it's not because he/she isn't interested in the article. That may be due to time they have and devices they use.
Commenting is love, it develops a strong bond between the author and the reader.
Always a new visitor to our blog start things off with voting.
For me, I consider both.

Q (7). Walk at the beach or trip to the mall or a luxury cruise - what is your favourite kind of holiday?
In my view, holidays are two types. One is spent alone and the other spent with family. Alone holidays are only a rest. They have nothing to do with the recreation. And on the other hand, the family holidays. This is where the real meaning of enjoyment.
No matter what whether it is a trip or a homely holiday. When people we love surrounds us, then it is worth. Without them, it's worthless.

Q (8). What are your thoughts about my blog or my style of writing?
I strongly believe that writings of a person portrays his/her attitude and nature. And your (Sunaina's) style of writing is crystal clear and you don't unnecessary elongate the post. You will dig deeper in any subject you choose to write.
Until now, this is what I've explored in your writings so far. In coming days I will learn more from you.

Q (9). Is it easy to forgive or forget?
Forgiving and forgetting are the two most sensitive things. It is only possible to deal with them if we involve our heart to think than our mind.
Nature of forgiving is really a good hearted thing. When we are with the gift of forgiving others for their mistakes, then love will prevail in us. Forgiveness is what one can add to our lives to move on, but it's not that easy.
Forgiving is somehow possible, forgetting is impossible. I can say this because when the similar situation is set to face in the future, we may recall that of past.
What all we can do is forgive and mind stores that particular scene for future. Only if we can erase the memory it's easy to forget. Otherwise we have to live along with our feelings. This is what we are doing now, aren't we?

Q (10). Who is your best friend?
I failed to find the one called as the ‘best friend' in my life. I accept this failure. I tried to earn friendship from the wrong people in my life. They betrayed me and was back stabbers.
I started again all new and was into the same recurring problem. I don't know, but there is one best friend on earth who is yet to come into my life.
I can treat God as my best friend, because he is the one who listens to all of my stupidity and prayers with all the patience.

Liebster Award

Follow the below RULES
  • Be gratuitous to the nominator, thank him/her for nominating you
  • Display the award in your post (anywhere you wish to)
  • Now it's your turn, nominate 10 more bloggers with 10 more questions for them.
  • Answer the questions asked by the nominator.
  • Notify the nominees (using social sites)

And now coming to the nominees, I double checked to make sure that these nominees aren't nominated before.

And the Nominees are -

My questions >

  1. Tell me about your blog and what inspired you to start it?
  2. What is your favourite quote and how close it is to your real life?
  3. Provide at least two tips to newbie bloggers.
  4. What was the most challenging moment in your blogging so far?
  5. What does real success mean to you?
  6. How do you prepare yourself to face the tough situations?
  7. What topics would you like to read in future on my blog?
  8. How much time do you spend on blogging?
  9. What is your favourite holiday spot?
  10. (a). Share your blog post(s) link here which is your all time favourite. Explain briefly why it is special to you.                     (b). One thing about blogging is having the ability to find your voice since there are millions of  other blogs out there to compete with. How did you find “your voice” or your style of blogging for your blog ?

Those are the questions to answer by you, it is the sign that you accepted the Liebster award.
I hope you will accept the award and not break this chain. All the best :)

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