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Saturday, October 03, 2015

Happy Birthday Sandra N.

This is the special post, a birthday post ( October 2nd) and a present to my favourite Romanian singer Alexandra Naftanaila (Sandra N).

The sweet and lovely voice of her is always an amusing to listen and it is angelic. This is the third post of her in this blog, never before made a three posts on one topic before. And the musical love I have is really because of such great singers like Sandra.

There are many musical promotional posts I made here and of all them, Sandra's post(s) tops. This shows how much I love her and all her works.

Ballerina hit the skies and now expecting more from Sandra. It is been a long time for me to make a post on her, this is the perfect opportunity to bring Sandra (once again) in here.

Another most important thing I love about her is her responsive nature and way of interaction with her fans. When I wished her a happy birthday, within two hours she replied to my message on Facebook. And this is really awesome when your favourite star responds to your message.

Am glad about it  :)

I wish her a happy birthday and I also wish her to reach out more and more people and show off her talent in music. With an year added to her life, I wish her to add more success.

Sandra N's latest music :

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