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Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Funny 'Watsapp Marriage'

Touch of humour is really a good feeling. Tired of schedules and other stress related tasks. Everyone of us try to search a reason to smile. The same thought came into my thoughts when I am thinking about a little humour. That thought is the origin to this story.

I don't mock things, which makes me more vulnerable to mockery myself. If you're cynical, you're protected from mockery. But I have to be nice. I don't think I have irony. A sense of humour, yes, but not irony.
-Michel Gondry

Yea, I believe in that quote and here am with the humour post. I would like to spread the humour in a clean way. And this is not related to any person, nothing is personal here. Everything is done to provide a reason to laugh loud.

Let's begin our story...

An insight into the story
In our story, there is the most trending app, watsapp. And two persons, a boy and a girl. This is a love story and it is a funny and trendy love story.
The boy and girl both met only once in their life at a night party. And they never met again, ever. But, they married each other after loving. And how is this possible is the twist inside.

(The story is a complete chatting between the girl and boy using watsapp)

Characters :
Rocky and Nitya

The beginning
Boy meets the girl at the night party, they both exchange their contact nos. and boy texts her in the morning...

Here girl skips their first date and the boy couldn't wait any longer to propose his love for her. He excited much and decides to propose online

Girl gets shocked after his proposal and she takes time to express her opinion. And here, she is already impressed by the way he found out that she is single, his intelligence observation
And she opened the gates to their tales of love.

Turning point in the love story occurs here as the girl says that her father is planning her to get married t
o a famous industrialist in an arena which is a famous one. The place many die to dwell in this trendy world. She mentions no particular name of the place.
This makes the boy to bother much and he is also informed by the girl, a sad news that she is leaving to London.

'Watsapp marriage' girl suggests the all new trend. Since it is very much convincing the boy has to agree with this.

They get married and girl argues with her father that she can't marry as she is already a wife of her husband. And she adds, she married at a place where the trend is on peaks now. The widely used watsapp. "This is the place I would rather be to do my marriage dad, a famous place" she added.

IN THE END boy keeps on forcing girl to meet him in person as years are passing by. She denies it, she says she is unable to step out of the place. She is committed with her decision, then boy being unable to go and get her, gets frustrated and ends their relationship in a trendy way

P.S : This is only a funny story and am not encouraging any divorce in relationships. I got this idea when thinking about humour and I would like to credit my dear friend RAKESH CH. who agreed with me in making this story with those conversations in watsapp.

Encouraging humour

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