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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

17 Global Goals For A Better Nation

Goal setting is a basic strategic plan for success, it helps to divide the tasks and prioritize them. A goal setting is done according to the plans and aims of a particular firm/a person. Goal setting is the tool to attain success, it is the only map a successful person have.

We all have our own goals, career, education, family and other personal. When we design a goal we must need to have a vision and it must be close to the reality. Setting a goal is important, achieving it or not is completely a different thing.

Our personal goals are going to benefit us, but goals which are made for the betterment of countries and morals will benefit each and everyone of us.
And here these goals are intended for the sake of entire globe, hence these are named as GLOBAL GOALS.

United Nations Global Goals For Sustainable Development has came forward with a new project which included 17 Goals related to each and every section in the society. And this project is now agreed by 193 countries.

This is not about a specific region or any country, but a global plan which improves the lifestyle. Which will take us to a next level. We would be thankful to the GLOBAL GOALS as they are so close to each one of us. The problems we daily fight and the evils which are prevailing among us since long time. All can be eradicated and able to overcome them with the help of these goals.
This is a project where all of us can take a part we can act and we can work with these goals to attain a better society. And how that can be done is explained further in this post.

Let's dive into the 17 goals and dream big.

Goal 1
"We will live in a world where nobody anywhere lives in extreme poverty"

The poverty is any country's biggest problem. Eradicating poverty stood as a  challenge in front of every government since decades. It is a rapid spreading one and cannot take down instantly. We need to plan, implementation of various projects and other launch of programs will bring the list down.

Goal 2
"We will live in a world where no-one goes hungry, no one wakes in the morning, asking if there will be food today"

This is something we observe daily, a beggar asking alms in the streets and on the roads, at signal points we see many children begging too. Hungry...hungry and hungry. This hunger turning them into the beggars and it also turns a person into a burglar if he is influenced by negativity. To solve this hunger problems, we all need to work together on various projects and with thinking and initiative minds. Someday we are going to see a world where there will be no empty belly

Goal 3
"We will live in world where no child has to die from diseases we know how to cure and where proper healthcares is a lifelong right for us all"

With the help of the advanced medical facilities and developed medication. We can improve the birth rate and can save a life ending up  with no reason. Making all the advanced medical facilities to everyone is a huge challenge, but if we focus on it. It can be achieved.

Goal 4
"We will live in a world where everyone goes to school. And education gives us the knowledge and skills for a fulfilling life"

Literacy rate to be increased, the more education the more knowledge and the more development. No child must see idle during his schooling age, one must educate him/her. And education is not only limited to schools, it can be at homes too.
Let's invite the quality education and feel the change.

Goal 5
"We will live in a world where all women and all girls have equal opportunities to thrive and be powerful and safe. We couldn't succeed if half the world is held back"

Equal opportunities for girls/women. Girls aren't weak, they are powerful. They can do anything which is done by boys, what is suppressing them is the 'black' rules in the society. These rules bringing a huge shade on their development and this resulting in the overall development of a country.
It is a good news that in the present generation, girls are improving and proving themselves to the world by probing in every field and sector.

Goal 6
"We will live in a world where all people can get clean water and proper toilets at home, at school, at work"

Many health issues are due to the drinking water and the neatness in it. In urban areas we are having the mineral water plants and filter beds. When coming to the villages, no investor comes forward to lay a plant and hence they depend upon the water which is available and at their reach. Whether they are pure/impure they use it. This results in dreadful diseases to spread out.
When coming to the toilets, awareness must be brought among them who are unwilling to utilize the toilets.

Goal 7
"We will live in a world where there is sustainable energy for everyone- Heat, light and power for the planet without destroying the planet"

'Without destroying the planet' yes, we can use any form of energy. It is the right of everyone to use any energy and this doesn't mean to harm the nature and consume the energy. With safety measures, energy must be extracted and utilised.

Goal 8
"We will live in a world where economies prosper and new wealth leads to decent jobs for everyone"

Wealth is asset for a country, the more wealthier a country gets the more wealthiest will be it's values.
And this wealthy must be a white record, but not a black one. And this economic prosperity will help the country and it's people to face the challenges.

Goal 9
"And we will live in a world where our industries, our infrastructure and our best innovations are not just used to make money but to make all our lives better"

This is a passionate work, a commitment and loving what we are doing.
To know much about this, illustration of an example is necessary. A government employee, who earns a good salary and got house and all other sources. He is close to the retirement. But, he never loved his work, he did it only to push his life and his family. The result is, retirement is the most awaited celebration to him. He felt it as a 'relief'. If course, retirement is a good relief. Here on the other hand, there is another person who is in the same job, he loved his work, committed to his tasks and earned same as the above gentleman. He felt sad that he is going to retired from his services and he also realized he is weak to perform the task.
After his retirement, his love for work not decreased. He started a private organization, helped the newbies of the same field on dealing with the work stress and gave suggestions on the topics of the field.
Now, who among these two gentlemen actually did their job? Definitely the answer will be the second one. His love and commitment made him.healthier and active. Whereas the first one to get more weak and weaker. The same package of salary, but performance varies.
This means what working for the development.

Goal 10
"We will live in a world where prejudices and extremes of inequality are defeated inside our countries and between different countries"

No inequalities are said to be encouraged in any country. It is toxic to the people of all categories. The collaboration of countries will be helpful to overcome these inequalities.

Goal 11
"We will live in a world where people live in cities and communities that are safe, progressive and support everyone who lives in them"

Urbanization is good for the development and it doesn't mean to devalue the rural areas, but rural areas are also moderated and modified with the same principles of the urbanization.
Because these cities will portrait the success and developmental activities of a country.

Goal 12
"We will live in a world where we replace what we consume- A planet where we put back what we take out of the earth"

Indiscriminate destruction of plastics and other things which can be recycled is checked. Recycling is the best process to avoid the chemical process and other defects caused during the manufacturing.
Helping our earth, to help ourselves

Goal 13
"We will live in a world that is decisively rolling back the threat of climate change"

We've experienced the heat of the sun, the climate is heating up like never before. Because of the global warming and other pollutants, the maximum damage had already been done to the earth. Now we can't change what it had already happened, we got in our hands is the present time. Let's get together and debate and deform this climatic conditions.

Goal 14
"We will live in a world where we restore and protect the life in our oceans and seas"

Releasing the industrial waste into the water bodies kills the aquatic life. And there are also many threats to the live in the sea, the plankton and other sea weeds reduced due to many human activities. All these need to be monitored and sea life need to be protected.

Goal 15
"We will live in a world where we restore and protect life on land- the forests, the animals, the earth itself"

Deforestation and unnecessary cutting down of green plants is seen. This is like cutting the own branch on which we balanced, the ecosystem loses it's balance and will result in the release of the poisonous gases and other harmful substances.
Greenery to be increased rapidly.

Goal 16
"We will live in a world with peace between and inside countries, where all governments are open answer to us for what they do at home and abroad- and justice rules, with everyone equal before the law"

This is how a government body must work. Presiding the problems of each and everyone impartially. And a government which encourages feedback from it's public is the strong one.

Goal 17
"And we must live in a world where all countries a
nd we, their people, work together and partnerships of all kinds, to make these global goals a reality for everyone everywhere"

The unification of the nations and collaborative nature and fighting against the social evils together is needed.
Let's mix hands and make a clap.

If we observe, we can see all countries are working hard day and night to solve the social evils and other inhumane things. Here, in these 17 global goals, all the issues are covered. And I made a list of the problems and they're listed below. And in India, we need a lot of work to do.

*Overcoming the poverty

*Facing basic food problems

*Deaths of children due to (known) diseases


*Equal opportunities for Women and girls

*Clean water

*Sustainable energy for everyone

*Economic prosperity

*Industries and infrastructure

*Defeating prejudices and

*Safe cities and communities


*Climatic changes

* Protecting Aquatic life


*Law and order

*Unity among countries

These are the categories which are focused to invest more work and improve the good and eradicate the bad in them.
It is now our privilege to participate in this cause and show that we are active towards the development of our country.

How to become a part of this cause? How can I participate and support a goal???

The answer is simple, all you have to do is visit the official website of global goals, click here to visit.

And the next step is go through all the goals, you had read them above and once again run your eyes on them. Total 17, and which goal do you think you can achieve? And in which goal are you passionate about? Click on the '+' button which is beside that goal.

It is now you are the one who is becoming a part of the many to achieve a sustainable development. You can upload a photo/a video with the number of goal, photo guidelines are clearly mentioned and video needed to include a voice reading the goal aloud.

On September 25th there will be a big movie, featuring all of us. Our photos/videos. All we have to do is read the guidelines on what to upload.

For example: If you are interested in goal 2, the hungry project to see no-one die with hunger, global goals guided here to take a picture of a plate of rice, so that the food in the plate designed as number two. Or you can upload any video related to this goal.

Here we can see Bollywood actress Jacqueline Fernandez supporting the goal 15 by posting a selfie to her Instagram.
Image courtesy of Instagram

And you can follow global goals on Instagram by clicking here

Take action :
As a responsible citizen of India, I would like YOU to participate in this global cause and write/blog about the goal which you would like to encourage and achieve. Unity is strength we all together can bring the change and make necessary improvements in our society.

All the above images and infographics are taken from the Global Goals

Do share your views, opinions and suggestions.

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