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Sunday, August 09, 2015

What I Learnt Being A Faculty For Three Days...

A teacher/a tutor/a professor/a faculty is the replica of all those students, who are shaped and designed by him/her.

Teaching field is a respectable one and differs from all the other professions. Being a teacher is never easy, my respect for them is always high. This is the only field which got energy and authority to change the world. I thought that teaching is easy when I know each and everything with experience. But, it is proved wrong when I stepped into the college as a faculty.

This is an opportunity which knocked the doors of my life and provided me a platform with which I can show-off my talent as a lecturer.
I accepted the call and within two days of the interview and direct conversation with the director, I was recruited as a faculty. I didn't asked about pay because it is a place of my experience and also the institute was unable to provide a big pay to its faculty (I guess) by observing their situation.

How I dealt with the complete new job as inexperienced.

Before joining the job, i just finished my college and all new fresher. And I always had a dream about speaking to a crowd, who are pupils or college students. Finally! It came true and I took three classes and all ran very well with a +15 minute extra time after the bell. Wow!!! I got a talent in me, I got a good speaker and a nice lecturer in me. Thank God! My talent is revealed to me.

But, the major problem is the health due to the home sickness and accommodation. My health got worse and it left me a mass of body with no energy left only in three days. These three days are enough to damage my health completely which altered my blogging and reading books. And one more thing (also bad) happened is I got a headache which is only half side, left side. And it is reported as a migrain pain. Lord! What is this pain? It's unbearable and it knocking me off from my works and I couldn't do anything. Because of the stress i underwent at the college due to inexperience and other factors like the management failures, my health got down. I left the job of teaching (without pay) and I realised how hard it is to teach.

One have to reach all the four corners of the study to dig the deeper truths in the subject. And like everyone says it's an easy field, NO, I won't agree with them. Because for me teaching means a treating. Treating a plant, so caring and monitoring its growth. A teacher becomes a replica of the student in the future. This field is a honourable one and considering it as a commercial thing isn't justified.
This is my first job right after the study (without certificates in hand). And a good lesson I learnt by it. I hope in the future, I can be able to speak at least two hours a day. 

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