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Monday, August 03, 2015

How I Wish To Celebrate The Friendship Day Is...

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First of all wish you all a happy friendship day (belated) because i planned to post it yesterday itself but couldn't do that. In my mind, I do not have much idea of friendship, I have a finger count friends and they are busy too (of course am the same). But, talking about a friendship is something good, it is like sharing our opinion on the social expand. "Man is a social animal" he cannot live completely on his own, there must be some friends (or many) to teach good and bad.

On this 2k15s'  friendship day, I am here on my blog to share the ideas on how to celebrate the day. One sad thing is, I got very less number of replies to my wishes and few wishes. This hurts, but still life has to move  on. Let's come to the point, i would like to share my three ideas about celebrating the friendship day. These may seems like the party ruiners and bored. But once tried it can give you the lifelong memories to share with and fills the joy in our lives. And however, am not forcing anybody to do this, this is just a thought on my blog. Time to know what are those three (foolish) ideas, they are as follows:

(1). Mass Communication For A Good Cause

Friendship is the best way for communication. Chatting, outing and cheering, all these are seen in our friendship circles. But, let's do this enjoyment in another way.
There are many social campaigns running across the globe, like blood donating, volunteering and other causes. Let us do a good thing, beyond the self enjoyment. Hold our hands together, engage in raising the voice for the good cause in the society. Let us communicate and bring all our friend networks together and encourage them to participate in any of the fields which they are interested in. If there are no currently running camps, let's create a new one by taking assistance from any political leader or any social welfare association.

We all are well connected, we can enjoy the party and rock our world. But by doing this good to the society, it will remain as our greatest memory forever. Let's try this today.

(2). Giving Away...

Come, let's give to those who are in need. The orphanages and the old age homes etc. are among us. We can see their suffering for minimum needs. Like clothes, medicines and other basic needs. We celebrate the friendship day with investing a huge amount of money in various bookings at hotels, cinema halls and also we hire celebrities to perform. Can we imagine? How much money are we going to invest?? No idea, because the estimated scale may cross and bill our pockets. We are doing this same enjoyment on different occasions like our birthdays, friends birthdays etc. so this one, for this friendship day (if possible on every friendship day) let's make a change. Donate and donate, huge giveaways. Orphans needs books, clothes, mobiles and more. If we are having many such things, soaked in dust on our shelves for years and years. Even they are in a good working condition, we aren't showing any interest to use them in the future. Let's give away all of them and observe those innocent eyes and their happiness. Aww! It's a divine rejoice. If no old things available, buy new one or two and give away. This is worth than a celebration.

(3).Awareness on Superstitious beliefs/illiteracy

Our India, being a vast country it is still dipped in the foolish beliefs (not religious). These beliefs are born from the sick minds of the people, who are using the 'illiteracy' as their weapon. We are seeing many news on this. Number of villages are trapped with such superstitions. The villagers are unaware of the fact that those sick minds are using them for a benefit.
This action is somewhat risk involved. Because, bringing awareness is whole a lot than teaching. So, this suits for the guys who always starve for some risks. This risk will help those innocent people to save their lives, also their neighborhood villages. All we need to do is to carry a portable projector (which can be moved) show them the videos on how science is behind all those magic and mystic. And these are only the Superstitious mentality and can be a self-soothing to their own lives. You may get beaten, but don't worry. We are for a good cause, good is in our hearts. Take the permission from the forest department and nearby police station. Request them to accompany an officer with your troop. Here, you are on safe side. Aware them of the superstitions, all those things that cheaters playing are proved wrong by your seminar and video clips. This is the proudly act on this friendship day.

I think I ruined all the enjoyment with those three ideas, because we need a lot to party and hangout and meet friends and friends of friends. Shopping, visiting new places, touring and movies. Where is the time for the above???


  1. Happy friendship day (belated) Prasanna :)

    1. Thank you very much Anjali :):)
      And wish you the same.

  2. Happy friendship day Prasanna!

    1. Thank you so much Anjana :):)
      Happy friendship day to you too.

  3. Happy friendship day :) It is nice holiday :)

    1. Thank you and I wish you the same Anja Ge :):):) Thanks you a lot for stopping by.

  4. Happy friendship day brother. Some friendships last forever, so won't use Belated here.

    1. Thank you so much Alok :):):) you are right, some friendships do last long. Happy friendship day to you too dear brother.


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