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Thursday, August 27, 2015

How Creativity Is Incubated???

It is also a wonder when we think about the term, creativity.
It is the term which is originated from the stone age, in that primitive man's mind. It is the reason why the world is so advanced now in every aspect. Creativity is needed in every field, it is not glued to a particular firm or an office. It's necessity is everywhere, even in the household, in the form of interior design.
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Today, let's explore the roots of creativity. Let's create an insight on the creative minds. This means, we are now diving into the Human Neuroscience.
I would like to note that, I didn't collaborated in any of the projects related to the neuroscience. This post is the hard work of many of those sciences, the people who are behind it are the hard workers. What I did is, according to my interest_ I researched on these articles on the Neuroscience, found some interesting facts of my likeness. Because am the person who always wonders about the origin of the creativity. Wisdom, knowledge and perseverance are behind this amazing creation.
When coming to the most common question about creativity is, universe creation. How did all this happened to be in the regular order? Science speaks about the Big-Bang theory and spiritual life talks about God. Well, this debate seems endless unless one is able to unlock the truth which is beyond. But, the only thing behind this all is, creativity.

There is no doubt in confessing that our human brain is the birthplace of the creativity, all the beautiful things are born from this fatty ball. It is the only organ worthy of the appreciation for holding the rooms and controls for this creativity.

Creativity is not limited to the realms of greatness

Consciousness and unconsciousness acts like the gates for our brain. The gate is open to the world when we are conscious and it is closed during unconscious. Here, while we are in conscious state, almost we are aware of all the thoughts and ideas which are born. But, during the sleep mode? Not all the control under our sight right? So, what is happening there inside our closed compartments?

During a consciousness act, we spend an embarrassment amount of time thinking about a solution to a problem. By doing so, the solution will suddenly pop up while we are taking shower. This is because when we are thinking by keeping the gate open, we didn't know from where the answer or a solution going to come from.

Now falling on to the unconscious state. Here some active unconscious processes will also contribute to the creative thinking. The anecdotes sleep facilitates creativity and our unconscious state also helps in the mental set-shifting. Here the period which we leave aside a problem for some time to obtain the solution is called the incubation period. We all know the fact that we are running a huge network in our brains, the simulations and these incubations.
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This unconscious processes is nothing but a sleep-dependent learning. We all are aware of the dreams, many say that if their lives are involved with a daily hard work then they won't get any dreams and they argue that their brain goes completely to the 'rest mode'.
Even I confronted with few persons who are with this thinking. But, let me tell you here a truth. How one can say that they didn't dreamt while sleeping? Up to which extent is this true? Because a newly born baby, who is a few months older will start dreaming and keep laughing and crying during their sleep. Then, here when you are a baby. You know no pain and no profit, all the mind do is to incubate. When coming to the adults, all are arrested by some huge problems and even the physical hard work can't surpass the dreaming world and the incubation of the mind.

When animals are able to dream then why not humans?

Rats dream about their treat and also dream about walking towards it.

This helps them to create a mind-mapping and to save the locations 'place cells' are used inside the brain. The neurons in the hippocampus also plays a major role in this dreaming after the exploration.

How great we are and our neuroscience, we are hereby provided with answers to our problems by dreams. And when we concentrate on the vivid visualization almost all the time is linked with the help of the brain.

Finally, dreaming is good thing, but the outcome of the dream is dependent on the positivity and closeness to the reality. Sometimes, unnatural dreams may bother us. But, when we are with mindfulness then we can control the negativity.

These interesting facts are the part of a research by Ritter and Dijksterhuis in human neuroscience at Frontiers in human neuroscience. For more details log on to


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