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Monday, July 20, 2015

WWE Battleground 2015 - Review & Results

This month's pay-per-view of WWE is BATTLEGROUND. Filled with some new faces of divas from NXT on the show like Sasha Banks. There is more drama took place in the Battleground 2015, with some big surprise. Let's see how things are changed.

This PPV is worth watching twice, thrice and more. Because fans will know why is the repetitive watch worth.

× Randy Orton Vs Sheamus

This match is the kickoff for this year's Battleground. And it is really a good fight between the viper and the Irish warrior. WWE Universe chanted with 'RKO' in their stressing pitch, which later lead to the RKO from Orton from nowhere to Sheamus, Mr.Money in the bank, in the middle of the ring.
There is also a brogue kick but Orton recovered from it. This match gives Randy Orton, the apex predator, there is still a lot of game left to play.


× Prime Time players (C) Vs The New Day - Tag Team Championship

This is the 'last chance' for the New Day to take the title. And the noise was spread all along the ringside when Xavier shouted during the match, who is not in the match. He even tried to interfere in the match and help his team to win the tag team titles, but failed to do so.
Later Titus delivered a power bomb to BigE and casted him down.


× Bray Wyatt Vs Roman Reigns

The sick mind games of Bray seemed to be worked out very well, as he used his body as a weapon in the match and he mentally tormented Romans from past few weeks. All that gave Bray a domination over Romans.
Bray and Romans kicked out and kicked out, they delivered their best shots. Romans keels on fighting back.
Later along the ringside, there came the 'anonymous' with jacket on and kicked Romans on his face and helped Wyatt. Well, the anonymous is none other than Luke Harper, is this the reunion of the Wyatt family?


× Charlotte Vs Sasha Banks Vs Brie Bella - Triple Threat Match

The match is the three teams battle, no divas title is on the line. One with the Naomi and other framing Paige and third, the divas Champion,Nikki Bella.
One member from each team participated in the thriple threat.
Courtesy: wwe.com

After a huge diva fight and screaming, the Paige team picks up a victory.
The domination by The Bella twins in the divas division is ended with this.


× John Cena (C) Vs Kevin Owens - US Championshtime

This is the third time these both faced each other. But, this time it is for the US Championship, here it's Owens who continuously mocked Cena with his moves.
This is really a frustrating thing to experience and Cena tried all the best with stunners and also AA, but still not able to pin Owens.
Cena is completely frustrated and that gave Owens a move to take with a pop-up power bomb. Still Cena kicked out in two.
Courtesy: wwe.com

After all the tries, Cena able to lock Owens with STF and able to keep opponent down. STF did it what that a AA from a top rope couldn't do, completely classy.


× Brock Lesnar Vs Seth Rollins (C) - WWE World heavyweight championship

The destruction of Brock Lesnar is familiar to all the wrestling fans, he is called as the 'beast' and there are many proofs why he is called so. And Seth being the current champion of WWE, he is set to face Lesnar all alone. There will be no support of J&J security and the director of operations, Kane.
All fall as a prey to the beast. Now if Rollins going to win/survive is only with a miracle.
courtesy: wwe.com

And the miracle came right into the ring and saved Seth, it is the 'deadman' the phenom, The Undertaker, came back in the middle of the match, vengeance tour at St.Louis. The Undertaker is back and he looks better than his last two matches at two wrestlemanias. He seems to take a heel and will definitely take his revenge on the beast, as the beast cost him the streak.


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