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Thursday, July 09, 2015

Writer's Confession

'Doing is different from saying'

We heard a mob, saying. Among those few are the doers, the rest remains as sayers. They comment, criticize, mock and say whatever they just want to say. Because of the 'freedom to express', but this freedom doesn't mean you can say anything to anyone in the world and peek into other's personal life, when they prefer private.
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Generally, these mocker mobs doesn't have a common sense, they don't consider the feelings of the people they mock. They spread, rumour and try to breach the wall of the privacy. If they wouldn't succeed, they end up saying foolish words.

We all know about such people, they are not extinct yet, maybe never. We all are surrounded by such mob. They embarrass us, they are a complete disgusting. The only best tool is ignore.
Even this tool get rust and deficiency occurs. Because we are the same species, the only difference is they are the sayers side and we are doers side.

Best example I can take is a writer (because I know this from the beginning). I came across some gates, yea some gates which I entered genuinely and some I jump. Because without an access, I can't open it. Now, those gates are gone and in my path are the walls (sadly not the brick walls), me too fell to the ground when people talk about my writings. They say you are doing a 'copy-paste' also they say 'it is the hobby of you, you can write about anything. Anything which you wouldn't know about the places which you've never been to' and many more__

Well, I don't need to answer them all, because I do not have the time to spend in engaging with such degradation. Each single minute, any person will try to find something beneficial to him. If it's not his vault, sooner or later he shifts the thought of being there. But, if I keep on using the same tool called 'ignore', one day it will become the tool which I regret. So, I need to modify the tool, use it in a different way, grease it and paint it.

A writer's mind is a synchronized mind. It syncs all the time with the world and get jammed by the traffic of his/her blog or website. Each single moment of a writer's life is focused on fetching for a new idea, development of the idea and making it into a post or a book.
The writer may be a commercial or noncommercial, the mindset is allotted with the only one common grasp, it is the idea to write.

As a writer, me too felt like 'out of new topics' it seemed there are no topics around to write and that lead to write some really stupid posts, later published they became the top posts. This is amazing! What do we writers want much more than this? Even our stupidity is crowned. But, this happiness doesn't last long, there are mobs, waiting for the hilarious comments, trying to test the patience. Sometimes even the loved ones asks 'is it your own idea, or did you just copied?' Awww! Painful moment.

And we have to keep silent, save the anguish for the next post, which is gigantically loaded with some words of attack. A fully equipped post, with all the answers to those rumours.
Getting criticised is really a building block for a writer, because he/she works really hard to overcome that criticism, thereby becoming the best.

There are some people, who read our posts with love, with intention of knowing something new and learning it. Other category will only read to find the mistakes in it and then aim at our writing with their arms. They check for mistakes like our teacher of primary school, checking keenly word-word.

And some people, they comment us with the help of other mouths. They run their mouth like a flowing river, they say ' hey, my bro said this is a complete copy work, did you really just made it on your own? '
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'You are a complete jerk, your posts doesn't resemble your living'
-Well, ha-ha thank you. Because my way of living is a closed window to you which you cannot sneak peak into it. You are here talking completely being a blindside.

If someone is commenting a writer on his work, then one must know in what situation he/she is writing it. As this is not a live action, the pain and the battles fought by a writer may not be revealed in the writings, they are done behind the curtains. Commenting on it means, you are expressing your views on the work. It doesn't see what hard work done in the backstage.

One thing the readers must keep in mind is that a writer can use anything in this world to write, like a poet. That doesn't mean it is all your life portrayed, that Imagineering coincides with the reader. Neither the writer is your friend nor a family member. He just writes.

It is really a sad that when those people, who doesn't even know about creating a content talks about the writings. They don't think in what situation a writer is in to, their thinking is theirs. They alone judge the content, say what they say.

So, writers are just like everybody. With a gift of writing. Content development means a sole belonging, it doesn't infringe other writer's copyright. This is the first principle in the court of writing. Because a writer knows other writer's hard work. They both went through many similarities when they write.
I request readers that a writer is also a reader. He/she do the proofreading of their articles. Discouraging a writer by sayings wouldn't earn anything. His/her content is his breathing, no matter how silly the post is, it is the precious one in writer's sight. Reading or not reading is the reader's choice, no writer forces a reader to read his writing, he just  knocks door. It completely depends on the reader whether to open it or not.


  1. I agree with your views that it is the readers prerogative to read or not read. However if the writer wants to write, he/ she has to do so without letting his/ her mind be jammed by the traffic of his/her blog or website. :-)

    1. Thank you so much for agreeing with my views Somali :) . Am happy you liked it.

  2. Nice post Prasanna. I don't know why but lot of people think that writer or authors are moody, they have their own World. May it is coz they dare to say or write what they feel :)

    1. Yes Anjali, you are true. Majority of the people consider writers or authors as aliens. They isolate and gossip about the lifestyle of authors. Nothing they know about lives of writers, I think main reason is jealous and secondly the truth. As writers never talk about what they never know.

      Thank you Anjali, for reading :)


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