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Monday, July 20, 2015

Walking With The Feelings

Whenever I come across through the roads which I walked when I was a child, there arises a feeling in my heart, deep inside the heart. It knocks my memory and reminds me of the olden days.
The collapsed buildings and the destroyed grounds, the coffee shop of those days still there, but without the coffee shop owner. No sooner after seeing all these, I carried myself into a world of living.
I felt like before, those childhood days, where I struggled much to learn the bicycle with assistance of my dad. And those injuries, which remained as bruises.

I felt like am interacting with the world, which had moved away from me a long time ago. Those faces which I would always remember and love to talk. Their words and inspired supporting nature, kindness and love. Everything I felt in that single moment when I crossed the bridge.
Courtesy: Millinneum album 1999/BSB's song screenshot

The clock tower reminds me of a very special person, for whom my heart rushed to meet in the past. Whose meeting is most awaited for months in those days. Later those sweetest memories became bitter and jaded. But, they aren't completely erased from my heart. My heart is stained with all those pain.

I cannot feel what it is not known, all these are very familiar with me. The mornings, noons and evenings. Separated by the time, closer to heart with gladness.
The aerodrome road, the park's rusted parts, green grass and the library.

Those silenced moments are filled with the voices which invited me for a visit.

Memories are only the part of life, which stay with us as long as we live. I lurked in those places, with these memories.
The motionless things, the cemetery and the roads and rocks are the witnesses for my sadness. They are there to comfort me, when am to those places, each object echoes of my dreams of past. The places and buildings reminds me of the people whom I met in these places.

This is the feeling, which never ends.


  1. An emotional post..

    1. Thank you Anjali. It is emotional because I wrote it when am down in agony...


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