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Wednesday, July 01, 2015

The Multipurpose Henna (Mehendi)

Home remedies are always the best and they are reliable upto 90% because we are familiar with them or maybe heard about them.
Whether it's the beauty or health, homely made items are friendly.

Now let us discuss about a herbal plant, which is an ancient herb and is active in the practice since decades. It is Henna (Mehendi, Mehndi, Mehandi), Lawsonia inermis.

This is the homely plant and it is associated with Multipurpose uses. Henna is the medicinal plant and it is used as a medicine to treat many diseases. The speciality of the Henna plant is each part of it is used for various purposes, parts like bark, leaves, seeds and roots. Hena root (Alkanna tinctoria).

Henna is a middle-sized shrub with many branches and can be planted easily at homes.

Henna as a medication :

  • We can reduce some medical bills if we use the henna in a proper way, in addition with other available homely items (for example, H2O). Henna oil is used in the treatment of general and common health issue like headache. It is also used to cure leprosy and other skin disorders.
  • Henna is the best cooling agent. It is used in the western countries because of its cooling property. And therefore it stands first in treating burns.
  • It is also used to treat the lever disorders, like jaundice.
  • Henna is a good infection fighter, if it is available at our reach, many infectious diseases can be prevented and if effected they are treated too.
  • This herb is a good pain reliever. Of all those pain killers, this is cheapest and most effective one.
  • The sensation of burning feet can also be treated by applying henna. It is applied with feet remaining dry and later after the application, it must be washed away. It also gives a smoother feet and beautiful glow can also be obtained.

Henna is used across the globe. This does not belong to a specific country. But, Indian girls are so fond of this than any others. Because of the tradition and fashion. Henna is one of the representative of beauty in India.

Henna as a fashion :

  • This medicinal plant is the reason behind the beautiful and shiny hair of many female (also male?) celebrities. As the beautiful queen in the history, Cleopatra herself noted this herb is the secret of her long and shiny hair. Now-a-days, this is the alternative of other chemical made artificial colours for the hair to prevent graying. As gray hair is common in this  generation, the utilisation of henna as a colour to hair is todays trend. We all know it gives dark reddish brown colour.
  • It is also used as a nail conditioner.
  • Henna is used as skin tattoo. This is not a permanent tattoo but can be a substitute of those tattoos which are chemically made on skin.
  • The best bridal fashion is the 'mehendi on hand' which is a henna in liquid form, filled in cone and made different designs. These designs look fabulous on hands and legs. This is the compulsory fashion for the marriages and other special occasions.

Side effects :

There are also some restrictions in using the henna. Even though it is a natural but it got its effects on people of different age and health. Let us see who must not contact with henna.

  1. As this is a coolant, persons who are suffering with diseases like asthma and other breathing problems must not use it. They need to trial test before using.
  2. Inflammation of the skin (dermatitis), itching also occurs in some people.
  3. Those who are pregnant they must not use the henna as it may cause miscarriage.
  4. Those women who prefers breastfeeding their babies, they must not use henna.
  5. For adults and children, this henna is dangerous when intakes. DO NOT SWALLOW.

Before adopting the henna as a medication or a fashion icon. Test whether if it is good for your skin. The above mentioned remedies and treatments are not any suggestion. But, the speciality of the henna is explained.

Mehendi design  :  Simple Heart
Images courtesy  :  Nikhitha Raj


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