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Saturday, July 25, 2015

The Dogma Of Perfectionism

Perfectionism is the term which exists both in the philosophy and psychology. The reasoning in the psychological view will point at the state of a person, who strives for success with an extraordinary passion. The person only focuses on being called as a 'perfectionist'.

In the philosophical view it is stated as follows_

The perfectionist does not necessarily believe that one can attain a perfect life or state of living. Rather, a perfectionist practices steadfast perseverance in obtaining the best possible life or state of living.

This perseverance is an infinite one, going to become an unfortunate step to the person whoever adopted this.

Being perfect or becoming perfect is an ideal thing. No one is said to be a 'complete' in this entire world. We all got drawbacks and errors. That isn't our point of losing, we correct all those errors, we learn from the mistakes and we work on to monitor our actions. We minimize our errors in our day to day life and we succeeds in case of improvement. All these modules of modification is necessary for all of us to become what we dreamt about ourselves. But, if all these struggles involved any passion badly about becoming perfect it might become our biggest foe and a beginning step to ruin ourselves.

Perfectionism has its pros and cons. It is good, but in rare cases. The wishing of perfectionism leads to the disappointment, because perfectionism is pressuring oneself to achieve unrealistic goals inevitably sets the person up for disappointment.

Perfectionism drive people to attempt an unattainable ideal. One cannot attain a satisfaction in his/her own performance if there is a burn for becoming a perfectionist.
This is not a positive way to reach the goals, it will distract us from the realistic ways and forces us to engage in the past, with a thought of correcting the past, which is of no use.

Past is what had happened, it is only a metaphor to learn from the mistakes, this learning must be a sincere one. True acceptance is a way to learn from the past, rather than trying to modify it.

Dreaming big is not a mistake. It is the right, but if it is more than the possessions, it's toxic. For example, a guy who failed his tenth standard twice and stopped his education mustn't dream to become a district collector, this is of no point.

So this reveals that dreaming do have its limits and boundaries. We can't aim which is beyond our capabilities and capacity. Aiming perfectionism is the similar thing, it is not possible to anyone. NOT POSSIBLE, because it's just an ideal concept.
If we run into such idealistic thinking, there is a need to realise the reality. Those who claim they are all perfect and calls themselves as perfectionists, they do know what they are doing. They are aware of their weaknesses.

Some persons can hide their respective errors. They may think they are mastering their own minds, but one day when they are highly distracted with obstacles. They will be exposed.


  1. Though I agree that being a perfectionist is next to impossible, yet it doesn't imply that one shouldn't aim for improvement.

    1. I agree with your statement Somali :) Improvement is what we needed in any field. Thank you so much for the comment :) :)

  2. Being perfectionist is difficult but makes a person to put efforts.. I know its a headache, every time you feel like to put efforts more than required.

    1. Very true Anjali, those efforts if invested in hard work in absence of idea of becoming perfect, then we can achieve the goa, without any much disappointment.
      Thank you very much for sharing your thought :) :)

  3. So true and i am with point in being a Perfectionist as well, as the path is very tough and bound to give us pain (self inflicted, in my opinion).

  4. Thank you Alok :) for agreeing with the post. Am glad you shared your opinion.


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