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Sunday, July 19, 2015

Revealed - My Blogging Tools And Secrets

There is no doubt to say that the interest of writing articles and essays made me a blogger. It's been more than two years am on blogger and creating every living thing into a post and saving every moment. Utilising everything in the nature and new talents in the field of music and entertainment are encouraged.

Every blogger is a blogger, but one varies from the other. Their blogging style, focusing on the SEO, templates and design, layout, social sharing icons etc. All these appears unique among the blogosphere. The images they use, the backlinks, infographics and banners all are of a different style.

One blogger loves to blog at night, another during noon, even time for blogging is different. But, one thing is common among all these people, they all are (we all are) BLOGGERS.

I would like to reveal my blogging secrets. I want to be open here, no hiding. This is a honest post, yes it is. I 'am going to share everything about how I make a post and everything involved in it.
From saving an idea to publishing it, everything.

A blogger always fetches for a topic, a brand new idea is the fuel for his/her new blog post. And this idea, doesn't have a place and time. It arises and hits our minds, at college, at work, at home, at park, any where.
Irrespective of time and situation, the new thought develops in our mind for the new post.

The very general truth is, we all forgets what was that idea was unless we write down it anywhere. Luckily in this high-tech world, we don't need to carry a journal and a pen. All comes with the mobile we carry. Almost all of the bloggers are with the android devices (maybe not, but at the end of this post I will reveal what am doing with the android and why it is important for a blogger).

Let's come back to the point, we are struggling to save the idea for our new post. The beginning step and a basement to the blog post is it's idea. It is where the birth of a new post takes place.

What I use:

Past I uses a journal to write down new blog posts ideas and thoughts. But, thanks to the Google team as they came up with the GOOGLE KEEP. Keep is what I use to preserve my new ideas, I can add reminders and prioritize the idea with the colours.
I can take a step forward and label the idea with labels, giving the post more insight.
This is the place where the seeds of my post plant is sowed.

Writing the post is like assembling the parts of an automobile. It is where the shape of a post takes place, it is where the elaborated views of a blogger are shared. There are many available platforms to write (type) the blog post. I preferred to type the post directly on the bloggers apps like Blogger and WordPress. But, I say this is a crazy thing to do. Lot of mistakes and the errors are seen later when the post is published, some are unidentifiable, this is not a good news.

What I use:

Then I adopted many editors and ended up with the GOOGLE DOCS.
Docs is best place to save the documents offline and access it anywhere and at anytime. Save to the drive for future use. Word correction is also done when we are online.
Docs can link the backlinks and other links directly when we upload (copy) it to the blogger app. Only in the blogger app this can be done, otherwise even the links won't work if it is pasted other than in an app.
But all we know that the Google Blogger app is  'behind' in some of the features. This gap is filled by other apps in the playstore, which faces all the needs.

My process is, I use docs for writing a post. Insert all the links and designed texts, then copy and paste it in the google blogger app, save it as a draft. Because this is only a post and no images are yet inserted in it.

Image picking is really a big challenge to all of us. We are into the woods and lost somewhere by searching an appropriate image for our post.
We can't pick any images and use them for our posts, they may be copyrighted and we may involve in the copyright infringement.

Never try a search in the google images, Google images are not the images of free, attributes are not credited back with the google images. There are other places where we can find the images (free/paid) for our posts. I would like to share them on another post.

What I use:

No other place rather than freeimages. As the name itself indicates that it's free. There are also istock photos which are at affordable prices, but still freeimages loaded with lot of free stuff. All we need to do is to attribute and credit back.
This is the external resource for my images in posts. What about those of my own creation? Let's see below.

The ratio of the external resources images and my own copyrighted images in this blog are 50:50.
Besides using the freeimages I use other app, which is an image editor with lot more than any other image editors, equals to a Photoshop. When we use our own snapped photos on our blog, it will show off to the readers our interest at photography and gives an insight on our thoughts.
Since they are our photos, we can watermark them, use them as we like in our posts. We are the boss here, no more tension of those copyright infringements. But, it's not easy to upload the photos we took by our cameras/android. There is a need to edit them and this editing must be friendly and convenient to use. Well, there is an android app with all these requirements.

What I use:

PHOTOEDITOR by Dev.Macgyver.
This is the best discovered photoeditor in my life for androids. After a month of huge exploration I found this app useful, with ease working and editing on my photos. Watermarking, compression, resize, pixalate, frames, more and more in this blog are done by this photoeditor.

Google Blogger, WordPress, Livejournal, Tumblr etc. are the platforms (free/pro) which offer a writer to blog. Among them WordPress tops because of it's hosting facility and other reasons. But, I chose to stick with the old school blogging,

Previously I am unaware of the templates and other layout issues. Later on I learnt them with time. The reason why I didn't changed to WordPress is because of the look. Even WordPress got the beautiful look, but am abide with the blogspot.

What I use:

BLOGGER is the app which I use to copy the content from the docs. There is no need to use any html tags and codes like '<br>text</br>'. The need of these tags are overcame by the docs and the blogger app.

Image uploading can be done in the blogger app itself, but it allocate the images at the bottom of the post. This is annoying, we want our images at the exact place where we want. This is only possible if we have edited the content on a desktop, when we are not able to reach the laptop/desktop we cannot post.
Hurray! No need to worry, the desktop mode is available on many browsers. We can place the images on by edit option.
The problem is that the browsers, when we turn on the desktop version, it slows down. As well as it consumes a lot of data (if we are using a paid data plan).
What we need is a wicked fast browser that can load the desktop version of the site in the same time of that mobile version.

What I use:

PUFFIN BROWSER (paid/free) is that wicked fastest browsers with the flash support for a limited time in a free version and full time in a paid version.
This Puffin offers me to reduce the time in loading the webview and I can resize the image in the blog post. I always use 'x-large' images only in my posts.

The secret is, I do not use a desktop/laptop to publish the post or develop the content. From the beginning, I am with the mobile(s) symbian/android.
With the help of the above apps I made it possible to look the contents of my blog to appear as rich as they are made by the laptops/desktops.
I can carry the mobile anywhere very easily and type it fast while in an auto too.
My ideas are the uninvited guests, as I don't know when do I need to write a blog post. Am always ready with the tools.
And moreover am not using any paid version of apps.

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