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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Quote Challenge | Day 2

Quotes are always inspirational and they energize our day. They fill our heart with courage when we are distressed, they develop the positivity and make our day to feel less stressed.
Collection of quotes is always interesting, I am feeling lucky to participate in this Quote Challenge. I am glad that I got nominated by Kavya.

This is my second day quote challenge. It feels different when we picks up a favourite quote or just create a new one.

Before getting on to the track, there are three principles in accepting the challenge. They are_

  1. Show your gratitude by thanking the blogger (person). Mention his/her name in the post.
  2. Post three quotes for three days. (Daily blogging is possible here since we have to post three days without a break).
  3. At the end of the post, nominate other blogger(s).

Thank you KAVYA JANANI for nominating me and giving me this opportunity.

Now it's my turn to Nominate__

[There is no force to accept the challenge and nominate, completely bloggers choice]

I nominate :


  1. Nice quotes Prasanna. Doing what others feel you cannot do boosts the self esteem and wonderful moments are a major source of happiness. Thanks for nominating.

    1. Yes, i agree with you Somali. It''s my pleasure to nominate you :)


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