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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

My Odyssey Through Education

I love solo travelling, but am not yet to the cities and the world, am through the world of books and this journey (odyssey) is not going to stop at any cost, as i am student of all time learning something new.

I don't want to stay silent on what i went through the long lasting book voyage, am the explorer and a researcher by attitude. And this burn lit me to make a post about the history i made in my days of study and proved everybody that one can even win by the sincerity.

Back in 1997, i could barely remember my journey is at the starting point, where my mom, dad and sister began to teach me the alphabetics. At first i thought i couldn't do this and i said to myself that am not up to this learning thing. And moving to the another town far away and in 1999 it's completely different for me.School became my everything and i started to love the study and slowly i took all the control and became a rank holder #1. And my reign last for 10 long years, this changed my life forever and i am hypnotised by the education aroma. It smells good to me indulging myself into the books and studying.
And of course i left some strong foot marks in the history and i believe in only and only one thing and that is the RESPECT . My conduct as a student is super good and best of the bests, i never gave up to any educational tests and i slayed my body to the limit to learn. But, later on i behaved like a coward towards only one subject,  it is mathematics. I never made myself a perfectionist at mathematics, i am really scared of it. The mathematical sense lacked in me and i am unable to apply a simple logics in the problem solving and missed my target every time.

The only weakness i am with is this mathematics, but the time is completely a gameplayer it lead me through all the math related courses, until today. My college course to the present professional course am associated with the enemy of mine for all time, the mathematics.
I would like to bring here my odyssey through all the subjects,starting from the school.

School subjects

■First language(Telugu)
■Second language(Hindi)
■Third language(English)
■Non-details of Telugu
■Non-details of Hindi
■Non-details of English
■General Science
■Mathematics(stats or statistics)
■Social Studies
■Social Studies(Geography)
■Social Studies(Economics)
■Social studies(History)
■Social Studies(Civics)
■General knowledge(GK)
■Drawing(all categories ,nature,cartoons viz.)
■Basic computer classes
■Drill periods(physical and mental exercises, games , cultural activities etc.)

Stepped in on : July 22/1999
Stepped out on : March 22/2009
From i-x that is from 1st class to 10th class am a part of one school. I didn't changed, not altered and am with complete dignity.
I did very well with all the subjects .
1> Weak at math.
2> Not good handwriting.
However i ruled in all subjects but struggled and survived the math.

College subjects

■First language-1(Sanskrit)
■First language-2(Sanskrit)
■Second language-1(English)
■Second language-2(English)
■Physics lab.(practical)-1
■Physics lab.(practical)-2
■Chemistry lab.(Practical)-1
■Chemistry lab.(practical)-2
■Environmental studies(only in second year)

(★) This is something big epic,Mathematics-1A paper result is a fail but i am sure that i cannot be a fail here. So i applied for the re-verification, where the board underwent a process of correcting (re-correcting) my exam paper for the second time. This is my case fight against the examiner. I won and i survived in this.

This is the most dangerous thing i ever experienced in my career. When the result said i was failed my mom and sis turned on me with a huge criticism. But i silently answered them with a success.Thank you Jesus.


Stepped in on : June 06/2009
Stepped out on : April 30/2011
This is called a '10+2' study and generally called as '+2' . And i won in this.The course here i took is M.P.C(Maths,Physics and Chemistry) this is called the INTERMEDIATE study.
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Professional degree subjects- B.Tech (Bachelor of Technology) in field of Mechanical engineering-ME

1st YEAR

NOTE: In the brackets ( ) the value indicates the CREDITS for that particular subject.

■Engineering Mechanics(6)
■Engineering Mechanics(6)
■Engineering Physics(4)
■Engineering Chemistry(4)
■Computer programming & Data structures(6)
■Engineering Drawing(4)
■Computer programming & Data structures -lab(4)
■Physics lab(4)
■Chemistry lab(4)
■English language and communication skills lab(4)
■Engineering workshop(4)
■IT (Information technology) lab(4)

2-1 - Second year,first semester.

■Probability & Statistics(3)
■Mechanics of solids(3)
■EEE(Electrical and electronical engineering(4)
■Metallurgy and material science(4)
■ES-Environmental science
■EEE lab(2)
■Metallurgy lab(2)

2-2 - Second year, second semester.

■Production technology(4)
■KOM-Kinematics of machinery(3)
■Applied Thermodynamics-1(3)
■Mechanics of fluids and hydraulic machines(4)
■Machine Drawing(4)
■Numerical methods(3)
■Production technology lab(2)
■Mechanics of fluids and hydraulic machines lab(2)

3-1 -Third year, first semester.

■MEFA-Managerial economics and financial analysis(4)
■MSE-Metrology surface engineering(3)
■DOM-Dynamics of machinery(4)
■MT-Machine tools(3)
■DMM1-Design of machine members-1(4)
■Applied thermodynamics-2(3)
■Machine tools & metrology lab(2)
■Thermal engineering lab(2)

3-2 - Third year, second semester.

■IM-Industrial management(4)
■FEM-Finite element methods(3)
■R&AC-Refrigeration & air conditioning(4)
■DMM2-Design of machine members-2
■HT-Heat transfer(4)
↗Engineering optimization
↗Automobile engineering◆
(◆-my chosen subject)
■HT lab(2)
■Advanced english communication skills lab(2)
■TE lab(2)

4-1 - Fourth year, first semester.

■OR-operations research(4)
■PPE-Power plant engineering(3)
■ICS-Instrumentation and control systems(4)
↗Mechanical vibrations
↗Composite materials
(◆-my chosen subject)
↗Unconventional machining process
↗CNC technology
↗Automation in manufacturing◆
↗Design for manufacturing
(◆-My chosen subject)
■Computer aided design and manufacturing lab(2)
■Production drawing practice and instrumentation lab(2)

Final Year 4-2 - Fourth year, second semester

■Production planning and control(3)
↗Reliability engineering
↗Maintenance and safety engineering
↗Plant layout and material handling
↗Renewable energy sources
↗Jet propulsion and rocket engineering
↗Gas dynamics
↗Computational fluid dynamics

Project Works
■Industry oriented mini-project(2)
■Project Work(10)
■Comprehensive viva(2)

Stepped in on : Nov 07/2011
Stepped out on: Jun 04/2015
Courtesy: forwardcom/freeimages

Fairplay policy

This is the only tool, only hope I hanged on to. Throughout my journey, starting from the first class to the professional degree. I NEVER COPIED, even I got the chance of copying, I trusted on my own brain and my own study.
       I wrote on my own, I wrote what I know and it's with all my own effort. This is my crown and that's why that's why even I fail I took the responsibility, when I win. I celebrated the victory with all my soul.


Am not in engineering field by a wish but am into this by the situations. I fall in love with the medical field, but i am dragged into the engineering. I put forth by many challenges and in each situation the kind is one versus many i stand alone and i fight back.
I didn't left the dignity principle with all along these years, never give up. But finally AM AN ENGINEER BY PROFESSION.
MECHANICAL ENGINEERING will be my identity.


  1. Anonymous23:00

    Excellent achievements Prasanna :)

  2. Great journey from 1997 to till date :)

    1. Thank you Anjali :) for taking your time to read. Thanks a lot.

  3. Learning should continue throughout our lives. Also being an Engineer by education does not mean that you have to limit yourself to "Engineering" all throughout your profession.

    1. Great words Somali, I completely agree with you. Thank you so much for commenting :):):)


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