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Saturday, July 11, 2015

JBA - Jai Bharat Akada | Biography Of My Dad

The main reason to blog this biography is i've posted in various blogs on various social problems. And am living with the real hero, who took the responsibility of justice in the society. He is none other than my Dad (Sir.SWAMY DAS DASARI) . If i wouldn't write about him my other works are just the dust.If I wouldn't write about him, then who would be?

My dad is a real life superhero,superhuman, my mentor and motivator and my guide. As this is what everybody say about their fathers so do i. And i am including myself in this because what i've seen, experienced and learned from him is really a great and great opportunity to show to the world the real side of me. And this is realistic, which helped me to cope with all the problems.


My dad's life is a house of pain. Where one can see a lot of rooms of suffering without any space left for a smile. But, still he smiles. He is a machine sufferer. Both physically and mentally he underwent many problems and he is the one, because no such pains or sufferings overtook him. They never and ever gain him any more,because he experienced the real power of the perseverance. I am the witness to stamp this.

It's a great feeling to me whenever he shares with me his experiences. I can see the shining in his eyes and the lightings. That pride and honour. He got every solution to my problems, no matter who it is and how much it is.


My dad's family is a big joint family. My dad is the eleventh child among the twelve, which included two girls. And in many cases he has to face the non-realistic situations from his own family. As we know what's our position will be when our own people turned their back on us. This is what happened to my dad, he faced the similar in and out too. He is really fed up with the religious attacks, political fights, indifferences in the society.

Many co-mates and friends also involved in beating up my dad. They plot evil against him. And they execute it in the dark.

This made my dad's mind to feel the necessity of a team. A team which will engage in uplifting the society by revolting against the social evils involved in any . And my dad started to learn the fighting thing. He didn't went to the gyms, he didn't have a coach or trainees. All he had is the passion and the burn in the inner spirit. And he started to learn by burning some muscle. He learnt the actions and tricks from the people who came to beat him. He was beaten up brutally, but with keen interest watched them and learnt the fighting. And it is similar to the karate or ju-jit-su. Early in the morning he went to the parks and abandoned buildings and practised the movements. He became his own tutor.

After some days. The place where my dad lived is called Sirpur kaghaznagar, in the state of Andhra pradesh (Now Telangana), India. And here, there are already many other teams which are associated with the fighting and wrestling, with open challenges and street fights. My dad soon got 70+ followers and in hundreds the admirers. And he named it as JAI BHARATH AKADA and he became an USTAAD which means a wrestler, bodybuilder, team leader.
The Akada is really rated one. He taught small children the movements which involved in defending the attacks and standing up in the challenges. But, he lead them as a great guide. No violence is encouraged, no harm is done, but instead of it he tried to develop the peace between the rival teams, because they are only the rivals in a sport, nothing is personal. And beyond it, in dealing with all the rivals, he succeeded too.
If i might say this kind of Akadas started with the JBA(Jai Bharath akada) and ended with it. It's an epic moment a decade ruler and an era.

It run with the only co-operative mind setting of my dad. It got no political support, (he rejected the offers) no empowerment from industries and no sponsors or ambassadors. It is the sole team, a standalone with a soul belief. It resolved many problems under several circumstances neglecting the risks and troubles from the cops. It didn't sell-out its principles and agenda to any. A team is a team and its deal is a deal . My dad achieved a lot being in it. Not for cash, not the posts in a higher companies . But, the respect among the common people,because he took the hell out of the evil guys who harmed the innocent and illiterate people.


If any history is made it must be a liable thing to terminate literally. It must be in the hearts of the people than in front of the eyes. The JBA ended in the year 1971, since its beginning in the year 1967 , it neverbackdown. But there were many forces which worked against it . But they are not able to put an end to the JBA.

When the JBA closed, all the equipment like swords, shields,and fighting blades were buried in the ground and some are drowned in the wells. Some are stolen by other family members and were sold. Because they must never let the next generation to take a part in it by involving.


Well, it's not the threats, neither the political powers nor the challenges that terminated the JBA. It is terminated, when my dad realised what the world is truly about. And he told me that,when we try to help the society, make good to people, and built an attitude era, it's almost impossible. Because people may change or we have to cross our own boundaries to help and bring the drastic change. And by doing so, we ruin ourselves. It's like activating a self-destruction mode. If one want to service the society, they can do it by becoming a blend, who is needed to change his thoughts and perspectives according to the change.
This is the very reason why JBA is terminated.


Being his son am really proud, am aware of the every skill and talent and the experience he got. He closed the JBA but his helping nature still lives in his spirit. Now my dad is 64 yrs old, retired from the services in Indian Forest  department. But, his maintainance at home. His hard work still there here for us, showing a path to make a living and surviving.

He shared his testimony with me that Jesus Christ is the one, who made him what he is today. And i am the witness for it, because it's a wonder to me whenever i saw my dad being more and more patient towards some uncertainty things.And it's what Jesus did in his life. Even he walked alone, Christ never let him down.Amen!

S/O swamydas.

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