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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Benefits Of Being In A Blogosphere

We all are proud to be bloggers, no matter in which platform we are blogging. And being in a blogosphere benefits us all a lot. Not in one case, but many.
Bloggers live a different life than a common person, yes they do. Bloggers always be ready to turn any situation into an epic post, their mind undergoes a regular synchronization. It is not an easy thing, this is definitely a mind game.

A blogger maybe anywhere in this world, he/she creates another world and works in it, for it. That is a double benefit, to the readers and a blogger.
Let's see what are those pros of blogosphere.

(1). Identity
Being a blogger is an identity.
It is a unique opportunity to talk about anything which is going on and trending. It is a platform, where the discussion on various issues takes birth.
A blogger will be a stand alone in the millions. This identity can't be stolen, can't be erased. A blogger will leave his/her footprints in the history. This is the identity.

(2). Expansion
Being humans, we all must expand our surroundings, it is possible with today's advanced technologies and social networking, media etc. But, in the social networking all platforms aren't safe. We are hearing the bad about them now and then, so there is a need of a clean platform. Which will expand our circle in a fair way, with mutual encouraging environment.
Blogging provides it all, a clean base to write and filtered content which  reduces abusive behaviors.

Hence, blogosphere is the best way to expand ourselves.

(3). Exploration
When we are in need of any topic research we don't delay and reach our mobile/PCs browsers and search for it on the internet. And most of the results are accurate and up to 90% they answer our questions.
This exploration is the one which leads to the post(s) of any blogger. Within the blogosphere, one can explore a lot.

(4). Interacting
Man is a social animal. He/she needs to communicate socially with all sort of people. In the blogosphere, there is no lack of the interactions. One blogger can interact with the other blogger(s) and share each others views and invite each other for guest posts.

And blogging facilitates social meetings, platforms like Indiblogger and other blogging communities are doing a great job by conducting the meet ups.

(5). Knowing the unknowns
None of us are perfect in anything. We can't be aware of everything, maybe it is a subject or any topic. We all need to know truths and unknowns.
We can't lead our lives in a blindside. Life is short, in this short period of time there is a need to know at least some facts. And this is encouraged inside the blogosphere. One can know what is unknown to them by visiting friendly blogs and can ask a doubt.
A teacher maybe irritated with your silly doubts, but a blogger never. Instead of irritating, he/she will make it simpler to you with their post. Because we all know the truth, we love our readers.

(6). Reaching every corner
Blogosphere is no less than the biosphere. It can reach the every corner of the globe and spread the post(s). It can knock the doors of each house and delivers our posts, helps us to get inspired and develop the skills to create more new posts.

(7). A Showoff
Last but not least, blogosphere helps our talent to show off to the world. Blogging maybe our hobby/profession it needs to be noticed. One cannot run a blog in the dark, reader's attention is needed even though it is not a compulsory. A writer's passion keeps him/her pushing to create a content. This will definitely grab the attention of the visitors.

Blogosphere is impartial. It warm welcomes the new talents and fill the confidence in the already existing.


  1. A great article. Feel blessed to be a blogger. Cheers :)

    1. Indeed it is a blessing to be a part of the blogosphere Purba :)
      Thank you for visiting and commenting.

  2. Nice article Prasanna.. I am proud to be blogger :)

    1. Thank you Anjali :) am glad you liked it.

  3. Nice and informative article very helpful for any budding blogger.Liked it.

    1. Thank you Vatsala Mallya :) for taking time and comment.


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