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Monday, July 06, 2015

An Endless Love

'Love' - a four letter word, but hides millions of mistakes, never let go and a reason to live.
The world isn't enough to explain the depth of the love. It takes different forms, parental love, siblings love, marital love, friendship love and couples love.
It may be of any form, the meaning is the same.

This is the letter, written by a guy, who believed in the fight. Messed up with the action movies and war like attitude. He is far from love and is because of he never met the one who loves him much.

He doesn't know that his last 7 years of life will bring all the meaning to his life. It happened when he fell in love with a girl, loved her as much as he can for 7 years. His love is as true as his attitude, this love dragged him all the way from that filth, cleansed him and brought him closer to God.

When he was a child, he was abandoned. Dreamt of this flavour of love and when it became true, he came to know that he can't feel it, as his doctor confirmed that he is suffering with cancer and he cannot live longer than a month from that day, it's the final stage.
This news from the doctor made him to broke into tears. He collected all his memories of past, he became unkind because of the mistreats of this world. Never harmed an innocent.

He loved the girl for 7 long years, he didn't  proposed her for 5 years, later when the girl knew about it. She took another extra year to confirm. And after 6 years, his love got accepted. And since a year, they are lovers. A good couple. But this happiness ruined by the terrible fact. He never wanted her to know the dead end of their love. He tried to remain silent until his end. But his heart won't let him to do so.

He wrote a letter in her name and asked a nurse to bury it with him,after his leaving. At least this made him to feel ease in the end.

It is buried with him, remained as an unchecked letter. It will remain forever. Resting by his side...

Dedicated to all the lovers

What can I do other than writing?
When I came to know this terrible truth.
The truth which is going to separate us both,
in a month or less.

I dared to meet you,
afraid of your eyes.
They question me,
those questions which I don't have answers with me, maybe never.

When I realised love is a flying dove of peace.
Am at edge of my life.
Am heading to a place,
Where I couldn't find you. A place where I haven't been to.

I don't believe in what I couldn't see,
but now am believing because
they say, I am exported to heaven/hell.
The separation of my soul and body.

I believed in a lethal love, love for weapons.
Anguishing, ruthless behaviour are what I adopted.
Those all left me on a empty road, which takes to a mystic place.

I can't control my feelings.
I can't question the situation in which am into.
I can't explain you about my job after a month.
I can't be at your place, you can't be at mine.

I am not sure if I can see white lights at the place where I go.
But am sure I saw those white lights in your eyes.
You own innocence and purity.

I dreamt of being with you.
When that dream came true, I have no life left to live in the dream.
I am going to be a mirage on the road, an oasis in the desert.

My time is up.
Am leaving the world with a broken heart.
With gaps in it, those are only filled by you.
Am leaving those gaps empty, leaving my gallons of tears.

This is not my predicted destiny.
I do not know that I will become a replica of pain.
My heart misses you as your life goes on.
As they say, this is  'AN ENDLESS LOVE'

Love shapes a person if it is triggered in a good way. This is the best way to win hearts, no wars will find the peace, but love can.
All those actions, disputes and fights don't solve any problem. Picking a fight is meaningless thing. Conquering by love is possible.

I planned to write a poem, but ended up with this.


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