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Friday, July 03, 2015

15 Best Sites For WWE Latest Updates And News

WWE's latest news, pay-per-views, predictions, match results and updates. Many World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) fans search for the all the above information, using the search engines. There are many number of sites which provides the information, among them there are best sites which are always with the reliable updates and event results.

Following are the 15 websites that provide a wwe fan all the information for FREE.

(1). WWE.COM - The official site

WWE.com is the official website of the WWE and it is with all the latest updates and many more insights. The WWE Network is the one which is introduced last year, filled with all the action, traveling from the PG era to the present attitude era. And bringing all the live action directly.

The WWE Network also offers free access to the PPV sometimes and is a good one with much entertainment.
However all the bookings are made through the WWE.com only. There is a wwe shop for all the franchise purchases.

Click here to visit WWE.com

(2). Bleacher Report

Bleacher report or the br. is the best place for all the news about the wrestling. It got the categories, NBA and other sports are also included in the menu. Can subscribe to the free newsletter.

Click here to visit br.com

(3). Cagesideseats (CSS) | SB Nation

The CSS is the best place to read all the rumours about the main events and the PPVs. CSS is a part of the SB Nation, a place where the trending information of Soccer and NBA carries.
Big events like Wrestlemania predictions, matches and match cards are discussed here in CSS.

Click here to visit cagesideseats.com

(4). Wrestling INC.

Wrestling INC. is the place where all the news related to the wrestling is piled up. The superstars trips and visits and a very good discussion panel is seen here. This is another best site for the WWEs latest updates.

Click here to visit WrestlingINC.com

(5). WWE Rumbling Rumours.

This is the spot of every sport. And here the rumours will rumble with the hot news and trendy news. RR also comes with the podcast, where we can listen to the updates.

Click here to visit WWE Rumbling Rumours

(6). Wrestlezone

PWmania is the news site from the Impact wrestling and the events of WWE and the superstars rumours and updates.

Click here to visit Wrestlezone.com

(7). PWmania

PWmania is the hub of the news of the wrestling companies, from TNA to the WWE, all the latest are at a single place.

Click here to visit PWmania.com

(8). 24Wrestling

With the WWE's latest news, the ROH (ring of honour) and Lucha underground also included in the 24wrestling.
Also with the updates of TNA wrestling.

Click here to visit 24wrestling.com

(9). DailyWrestlingNews

DWN is the news site, there are also regular updates and many wrestling gifs are also present in this.

Click here to visit Dailywrestlingnews

(10). Sportskeeda

Sportskeeda is the site with multiple  news from all the sports. Like cricket and hockey and finally the WWE.

Click here to visit Sportskeeda

(11). Prowrestling

As the name itself indicates this is the site with all the professional wrestling news at one place.

Click here to visit Prowrestling.com

(12). Inquisitr

Inquisitr is the site for the entertainment, lifestyle and the news from the WWE.

Click here to visit Inquisitr.com

(13). Whatculture

WC is the best place for all the latest from movies and other offbeat posts. This also insights the WWE.

Click here to visit Whatculture.com

(14). PWMscoops

PWMscoops is  also a site for the rumours and gossips related to the WWE, results of the events and PPVs are seen here.

Click here to visit pwmscoops.com

(15). World's Showcase

Last but not least, here in this blog there will be updated information and news of WWE. There will be results of every PPV. And my review on that particular event.

Click here to visit world's showcase

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