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Thursday, July 23, 2015

10 Simple Exercises To Do At Workplaces To Relieve Stress

In this rushing jet speedy world, we all are playing our part in designing the country and for our Self-Esteem. Now being busy is a common thing among us. It may be a primary school student, a college student and an employee. The pressure and stress are same, but vary depending on the work.

A school going kid doesn't undergo the same amount of pressure like his father, who is an employee. So, my point is__ those who work (mostly seating work) before computers and dealing with the piles of files would be prone to a lot of stress and this will affect the mental state and physical too.

Short-temper, hypertension, obesity and other mental disorders tend to occur because of the work stress. Here the need of relaxation and physical exercise is seen. And for us, there seems no enough time even to have a regular meals, where to find the time for exercise?
If we let our body to work in that way without rest and good diet it will become only a 'mass' body.

To face this need of those busy guys who spend much time at office than at home, here are 10 simple exercises. And good news is you don't even need to walk a step away from your work table or your chair. No need of any exercise equipment or a gym membership.

Below are the 10 common exercises, which we can do even on duty. Let's have a look through them.
May be you are familiar with them all, am just reminding you once again.

(1). Neck rolls
courtesy: posturite.co.uk
This is the best exercise of relaxation to the neck. It will help the spinal cord to clear it's way of circulation to the brain.
Neck rolls is recommended to the people who got their collar bones melt. And by doing so, it will ease the friction between the bones.

Neck rolls is like greasing an engine, it will increase the tpm(turn per minute) like rpm. of our neck. It can be done while you are in your chair, make sure to sit straight and rotate the neck in a periodic manner.

(2). Cat to cow pose
courtesy: abesmarket.com
A cat to cow pose is a subtle back stretch. We all experienced the back pain, it is really hard to tolerate. Since our back is the centroid of our body it will not let us to live free with the back pain.
Many exercises are related to the back because of this reason.

The cat to cow also can be down without stepping off from the chair (see the picture). Generally this is done on the floor, but also can be done while seated. Hence also named as 'Seated cat to cow'.

(3). Seated forwarded bend
courtesy: 2createabody.com
This is a chair exercise, all we have to do is to move a few steps away from the table and bend down until our both hands touch the ground. And there are many other poses in this, one can also touch the feet or hold the ankles. Depending upon the bending strength of our body, the pose will be chosen.

This forward bend isn't recommended to do after meals. When the digestion empties the belly, then we can choose it.

(4). A table wrist stretch

This is a hand related exercise. To do a wrist stretch our fingers must be forced, they need to apply the pressure on the table. Also the palm must be placed without a gap on the table.

A table wrist stretch is done by our fingers facing towards our body. And an angle is made to our body and the table so that we can stretch our weight (upper weight) of body on the hands. This will do a little help to the wrist and can be good to strengthen the hands for hand power.

(5). Foot on desk stretch
courtesy: popsugar.com
As the name itself indicates that we have to place our foot (one foot at once) on the table and apply the force on it of the body by stretching it with a forward thrust. This will ease the blood flow in the feet and legs are shaped good with this stretch.

Circulation of blood in the veins of legs is maintained good by this stretch.

(6). Eagle arms
courtesy: yoga.about.com
This is for the chest muscles and for forearms and wrist. This eagle arms will release the tension of the muscles.
Eagle arms is nothing but a twisted arms. We must twist the hands together vertically, no need to stand, can be done while sitting on the chair.

Eagle arms are seen generally when we feel tired, we twist both the fingers by freeing our hands by leaning back.

(7). Seated twist
courtesy: stretchify.com
A seated twist is done everyday, this move is familiar with all of us. This is done in both modes, standing and sitting. Now we are talking about the seated twist, keeping the bottom stable, moving our upper part in an angle of 180°.

This must be done both the sides, like a to and fro motion. To both the sides we have to move our body. A seated twist is so effective one, we can hear the pop instantly.

(8). Isometric hand grip

Of all the above mentioned exercises this is quite opposite. As we don't need to raise from the seat or do any stretches. This is done with the help of a 'V' shaped gripping items. Grips are made of plastic or rubber. They provide a good grip for our hands. And we must compress them, one at once or both at once.
Aging will reduce the gripping power in hands. By isometric hand grip, the gripping power is obtained and provides a good fingers exercise. Some physiotherapy experts also recommends this hand grip exercise.

These are portable, we can carry these things in a bag/handbag.

(9). Freeing and relaxing
courtesy: hellawella.com
This is the autobot exercise. We do this regularly (at least five times a day). When our body gets tired it wishes the relaxation and feel free. This is attained by leaning ourselves back in our chairs and stretching our hands up in the air.

This is the only exercise we do in autobot mode. We don't even need to bother whether we are doing it daily, our body manipulates this.

(10). Take a walk

courtesy: sahealth.sa.gov.ay

To those who walks daily at least 2kms, the medical field assures you are free from the heart diseases. As walking is the only exercise, in which maximum number of muscles are involved. They burn the cholesterol and keeps your veins free to flow the blood. And helps to maintain a healthy blood pressure without any variations.

Try to make walking as your best mate, prefer taking stairs (if you can) at the malls and other places. No other exercise done indoors (in a gym) are said to be burning the muscle as much as the walking do. Adopt this walking mode today.

Even at the workplaces, you are offered a little break, walk a little distance than to sit at a place.


  1. I can add some of these in my routine. Isometric hand grip looks good for my hands, have to buy this instrument. Thanks for sharing.

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