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Saturday, May 16, 2015

ZID movie - Best entertainment

There are really very less movies like the Bollywood's ZID movie (means riot) . It is a great suspense thriller and erotic movie with twists and a movie in which the last 2 minutes of climax changes the entire story . 

If we made a decision by guessing then it won't be the final scene. Because its a complete different form of story where the Ronnie (main character) takes the role of a crime reporter for 'The Daily' and he narrates the entire story to the DSP as his favour. This is a pre-planned crime story and a good one with PG. Ronnie murders hiI girlfriend Priya's step sister Nancy for the property. And even Priya is the crime partner to him. Later, he uses Maya as an obsessive role and with her help he escapes from the law. 

He makes the law to believe in his perfectly well narrated crime. In which Priya is framed as innocent and Maya as a murderer. The real story is quite opposite to this and in the end we will come to know all of the crime. 

Felt good for the new thought from the director and the action of stars are good too. Want to write this as a review but I couldn't find a right time to talk about the movie. Anyway I like the suspense thrillers and this fed me up with all of it. Zid movie ,a good crime story. The hero is the villain and he is a reporter. 
Unveiling the facts in the climax in few shots is awesome idea as the viewers feel pity for Ronnie when he frames everything against Maya. But, it is him who got a real satanic mind. 

By this movie there is a moral to learn that no matter how the past went. With a perfect narrative mind and with some flavour of action we can make the false stories into a sensational true ones. And those who are good will appear as bad ,likewise the bad as good. 
This continues as long as the masked character is revealed. But in real...TRUTH WILL OVERTAKE THE FAKE.

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