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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

WWE Payback 2015 - Review

WWE Payback is here ,it aired this past Sunday live on WWE Network and it got much heat in it. Very excited matches and brutal beatings all comprised this years pay-per-view Payback.

Its no wonder that emerging of new talents is encouraged by the company besides pushing the withered talents to the midcard. Let us see all the matches and results of this years' WWE Payback.

Sheamus vs Dolph Ziggler
As these both superstars feud at the Extreme Rules it continued all along to the Payback. The very disgusting match at Extreme Rules 'kiss me arse' is won by Dolph but got a low-blow from Sheamus now at Payback ,Dolph made Sheamus's moment hilarious by letting him to kiss the down part of back ,which made the Irish warrior angry and made Ziggler to lose,with a bleeding on his head Ziggler lost his match to Sheamus.

New day vs Cesaro & Tyson Kidd - Tag team championship (2 out of three falls )
This is the best match I think for both the tag teams as they faced and ripped each other , it was a good fighting match which seemed to be the upper hand of Cesaro & Kidd ,but everything changed when Xavier Woods (who isn't a part of match) interfered wisely and pin the opponent of New day to take the titles back. As the referee counted the cover made by him. Keeping this aside the entire brawl was an awesome .

Bray Wyatt vs Ryback
Wyatt ,who claimed to be the new face of fear was failed to prove at Wrestlemania 31 against the undertaker but he perfectly executed it at Payback when he took the big guy ,Ryback . The lights began to wave again in the hands of Wyatt's followers when he defeated Ryback.

John Cena (c) vs Rusev - US Championship match ('I Quit' match)
This match is much interesting as this literally said as the final chapter for the feud of Cena and Rusev for the US title, it is a match for PRIDE for both of the superstars and they showed everything they got in this 'IQuit' match.
Most of the time its the Bulgarian Rusev who made the referee to ask Cena whether he quits or not and Cena said every time a big no and later a hell no. He proved it even he was passed out after Rusev put him into an accolade . Later things changed for the Russian when Cena STF with the top rope ,which Rusev untied from the ring post to put Cena down.
credit : wwe

Rusev didn't say 'I Quit' in English but screamed in Bulgarian language which is then translated by Lana ,that he is crying out he is quitting. And by this Cena retains his United States Championship.

Bella Twins vs Tamina Snuka & Naomi
Tamina snuka & Naomi def.Bella's

"King" Bad News Barret vs Neville
Neville def.'king' Barret via  count out

Seth Rollins (c) vs Roman Reigns vs Randy Orton vs Dean Ambrose - WWE World Heavyweight Championship (Fatal fourway match)
Dean Ambrose got his title shot finally at Payback and he did justice to the opportunity which he won on his own. And Randy and Roman seemed to take blows on Seth whenever they got a chance to. At a point ,for a wonder SHIELD is reunited for two minutes,when they triple powerbombed Randy onto the announce table. The reunification doesn't last long when Ambrose took punch at Seth following Roman.
All is upsetting for Seth but in the end he pedigree Randy which is a move if the COO Triple H and pinned Randy Orton for a win.
Meanwhile J&J security interrupted the match and secured the title of Seth and thereby keeling Kane's job safe.

Payback is super good and it showed what it promised. The dramatic change in the Rusev's behaviour on Lana and the announcement (not official) of tag team titles defending in a chamber match for the first time ever and the chants of the YES! all together made the PPV to the success.

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