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Sunday, May 31, 2015

The New Inbox

The new Inbox by gmai is really amazing as it handles multiple tasks easily with few swipes. There are many other options to view the mails on desktop but when coming to the mobile handsets like androids etc. there are only few apps which are used to view, for example the gmail app is the long running app on the android platforms but now it seems that this inbox can replace it.

We all know the categories in the mail , i.e the social,promotional etc. All these are with a drag button on top left corner in a gmail app. But now its completely changed in the inbox. The mails we receive will appear according to the category and we can delete the entire category with a single swipe. How easy it is!
The  Inbox is quite well handles the tasks and it is good while displaying the contact logos correctly than the old app. This is not a replacement to the gmail but its an optional one. Where we can still have access to the mail views in the gmail.

Inbox can be visited on a browser  and it is user friendly app on the android devices. The major attraction is the bundles of the mails, Some of its special actions are discussed below.

One tap to delete (or) add a reminder

Inbox provides two action swipes ,to the right and the other to the left. To the right I use for a mail to sent to the bin and left swipe I used to put it later as a remainder.

Overall the Inbox is good to use and I can call it as a modernised form of standard mail view. I replaced it with old gmail red coloured app with this new inbox blue.
Give it a try...

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