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Saturday, May 30, 2015

Mukhi Pyar - Telugu short film

Many movie and book reviews had published in this blog but I never went for a movie of my mother tongue. For the first time am writing a Telugu Short Film review which came from the thought of my dearest friend & brother Mr.Otte Shiva Kumar. He got the spirit of directing in his breathe and I saw the burning he got to direct a movie and his consistent mentality on cinematography. Then I decided to review his one of the latest short-films (In Telugu language) called 'Mukhi Pyar'.
This post is dedicated to him and the love he has for the movie field. As a blogger I felt his desire and we shared all this in one night. We are not so close ,but got the desire in common then we are even. Now, let's review the make of the film. This is the story entitled 'Mukhi Pyar' which means a silent love in English. The title is in Hindi and the story runs in Telugu pop-up messages .As it is named as a silent story there are no vocals in the entire film. One has to understand by the actions and expressions made by the cast and by visuals.

There are only two roles in this short-film a boy and a girl. The boy is the hero (Shiva Kumar himself) and he performed good and did his best to the storyline. The story starts with a Facebook chat on a laptop by the hero with the heroine. They both met via Facebook and never met in person, the seeds of their friendship eventually grown into love. But at first they decided to meet and the girl says that her brother who lost his voice is going to get operated soon and hence she decided not to talk for few days. As she prayed that her brother must regain his voice.
Our hero took a step of love here by saying that he is also keeping silent ,following her prayer . In Indian culture staying calm is also a form of prayer. This impressed the girl and she appreciates his kindness.

Later they both meet in the garden and hero decides to express his love for her as he told her earlier that he is going to say something important . But, he goes aside and visualises the outcome of his love proposal and afraid of being rejected he stay calm .
They both converse with signs and actions and never utter a word. Moments later the girl picks up a letter from her handbag and hands it to the hero. He opens it slowly and realises it is a love proposal, he goes easy from the tension and pressure and the thought and feelings of both matches exactly. Now its the curtain down... The storyline is fine with the love based story and it fits in both the actors. The expression of emotions and feelings by the silence is an art. It isn't that easy to get to the shore rather it ends up with the frustrated misunderstanding. But in this 'Mukhi pyar' the love is balanced. It is stable from the two hearts and one is afraid of being rejected other is dare to express as the person know exactly about the other.

Our hero represents every boy out there who is showing a good respect to the love. He killed his likeness because of afraid of losing her. This isn't cowardness but its a braveness ,it takes a lot from a guy to terminate the love proposal inside the heart. It creates an explosion ,really a massive one inside the heart. And the girl otherside ,completely studied him and decided to give him the letter with a confidence of not losing him.
Overall ,the concept is an old one which is been from ages and ages ,because love never gets old. The presenting is good and I wish him all the very best for his upcoming filming career.

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