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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Mother - A Mentor For A Lifetime

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Every person needs a mentor at different stages in his/her life and the beginning stage is the childhood. From the moment we took birth from mother's womb we learn many things with the help and guidance of our mom. No matter what how much nuisance we cause,she bears it all with patience. She always keeps us safe,behind the curtain and save us from any dangers, she is so concerned about us. That loving and caring and guiding can only be done by a mother ,God gave that credibility to her because she handles it very well than anyone.

She makes you always a hero and never let you feel inferior ,she teaches the life and she shows us how to deal with the toughest situations . Almost 60% of the qualities we adopt in our lives are due to her influence on us, she wants us to be good and gain good name in the society. Here mother is the one who shapes her child to help the country and offer his service to the society. That is a greatest duty which cannot be compared to and doesn't  equals any post .

50% of our childhood is spent with mother and we learn to action,to speak to move all because of her.

I had greatest and epic memories with my mom, in some situations I felt like that I only have all the love on earth because of her. She never said a 'NO' to any of my wish which is useful to me. She do punished me occasionally, then I thought of her rudeness and felt bad . Because as a child I couldn't understand what is good and bad. But now I can differentiate them and understands why she prevented me in doing so.  
One midday while watching TV I saw a coloured plate in an advertisement and cried for it. I kept my food aside and said to mom that I only eat when she give me a plate that which I saw in the ad. That is a crazy wish ,but she went to the store by locking the doors and leaving me in the hall and returned in 30minutes with the plate in her hand which looked similar to that in the ad. How great my Mom is ! I shouted in joy and hugged her,she kissed me back.

Like this I had many wishes,like for a windmill and a gun ,a girl who danced in a beautiful red frock in a circus etc. I told her all my wishes and she brought me which she could and tried to explain me about those which she couldn't. She selected my dresses and even now she managed my wardrobe ,she stands with me in time of grief and comforts me.

Now she is in her 60s and she got an imbalanced mental health and other health problems. Despite of all those, the love she got is same as before .Her health condition is down but the love for me is still healthy as she were in her young. This is all what I got, the sweetest memories . Some are remembered by her and some not, when I am with her I can visualize all those scenes with her during my childhood . Still she supports me the same ,keeps me safe and cry for me. That caring and safety feeling I got from her is my strength,all those prayer she did,all those tears she shed for my sake ,all those sacrifices she made for me is memorable, they are worthy to be praised.

She is #MyFirstExpert in all the education I got ,the values in the society ,attitude and my behaviour are shaped by my mom with her expertise skills. She made me a responsible student and a caring citizen of my country. Now I can go anywhere and talk about anything but the lessons I learnt from my mom are still running my brain and they are synced with the time.
I thank you mom and the real Mother's day gift I can give is all my love and the success I get on my path. Because its her who showed me a path to run and lit my lamp.

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