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Sunday, May 31, 2015


Temperatures across India are recorded highly during the last three years and this year it got some boost and increased. Many people are suffering with the heat and in this 2015 its too much, heat waves are striking the livelihood with their power and not  letting the people to live free. These summer seasons from decades are increasing their heat , more heat and more destruction to the livelihood. The water resources, plants wither away because of the heat produced.

When I was a child ,there is the temperature rise up to 40°C , it is really much in those days. Now they are reaching up to 50°C and still I can tolerate it and work in the heat if it is an important one. But why does the sun is so harsh on us all? Why the summer season became a season only we have to wait to survive? What happened to those days when the summer holidays are given everybody rush into the nearby ground and play the games?

Even the evenings are striking us with the heat waves. This is completely different from the past and we need to do something about this. You may think that this is a God's issue but actually it is our mistakes that made our earth to become a burning sphere. We deforested ,we developed many gaseous which depleted the Ozone layer and we allowed the global warming to spread in a rapid way like this. We cannot run a vehicle without emitting a carbon monoxide, we can't develop any energy without a residue of carbon contents. All these are must and necessary to us but still there is a need to maintain them and manipulate .

We can't live a day without electricity similarly we can't stay on earth without sunlight . If the electrical appliances use more power than they are capable to hold then the blast occurs . And in the same way one day our earth will get blasted (not like a bulb). And that blast can't be seen ,it occurs in the core. The magma area in the core heats up and thereby causing the Tsunamis and earthquakes.

We, humans are the direct cause and we have to take this burden on our shoulders to save our home. No alien is out there to freeze our earth ,no planet we got as a second option to live in it. No powers we have with us to control the heat of the sun. What all we can do is to realise now this is the time to act. With this our act the future generations can be saved and we are at our own rescue.

Not a plant for a family but plants for a family, many we need for these are the only weapons we have to protect ourselves from the wrath of the sun. Its our own made mistake,let's correct it now . This is a 'Now or Never' situation. We need to end what we have started, this is the moment to sit and think and immediate action. No longer waiting for the approval of any government ,no longer waiting for a time. This is the only time we have in our hand ,let us mingle and resolve our problem.

Private organizations, governments and all nonprofitable organizations and NGOs and all and all. Let us think and act ,fight for the survival of our kind. This is more than a war ,this is a war with the control. No one takes a victory or no one dies in this war , it is a mutual beneficial war. Come all together, let's join our hands for a revolution of green. Be a part of the MISSION GREEN.

Plant the plants, spread the greenery in everything and everywhere. People are many but plants are less,let's grow them in millions and zillions. For they cost us nothing more than a burgar ,pay the time and pay the attention. The benefit is ours,credit goes to us. And the effort is the plant's. It carry the pain and will give is the cool. It cools down the environment and prevent the prevailing of the pollutants.

No place should be left without being turned into green. Let's spread the green. Come ,for together we are strong.

We are not doing this for a fame ,we are not doing this for reputation or records. This is for us all, no class,no category all the bodies have the same blood flowing and everyone has the same pain when they are hit. Do not step back...

Let's get into the action.

       Mission Green

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