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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Lack Of Netiquette Among Social Site(s) Users

There are some stupid people in our society who doesn't have any work and feel no responsibility at all. Like those who spit everywhere,who do things which are not good. Who always try to be a destroyers of peace and bring more people to disputes.

I personally experienced on many occasions like interacting with such foolish people. Everywhere I go ,I see them doing things which are non social. The offenders and bullies and all the other people without any attitude .

We cannot change them ,we cannot control them. But only thing we can do is to expect a change in them which only can done by the God .I see many such irresponsible people in Facebook and other social sites who just roams idle and even the educated people sometimes behave like this too. The bad commentors in the social sites and all the other people who just comment/send a message without knowing the respect. In my social book life ,I have such experiences too which I would like to bring here and strengthen my topic.

(Note : Those messages are in my language ,Telugu. And I would like to translate on demand.)

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