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Friday, May 29, 2015

How can the idea of Reincarnation comes into the mind after seeing this data?

Many talk about the Reincarnation and the life again after the death taking the mortal form again and again ,like a cycle. But, where is the concept of 'Karma' ? When the increase in the world population is vigorous and the deaths are less but the births are high. So,where do the remaining bodies going to right after the death? There is no proof at all for the Reincarnation or the Karma. Deeds are done on this earth ,in this very life we have now. Good or bad is said to be done and the growth or the fall occurs now itself ,it is covincible that we take the results for our performance when we are living on the earth. For the punishments/rewards/gifts there is no need to take another life and that too adopting another form (like dog ,lizard,insect etc.) .
Everything is done once and for all in a single chain of this life. Once it is broken there will be no link to get it back to the work. No signs of completing the uncompleted tasks. Then ,what is the reason behind taking another life for? Is it necessary again to repeat single life for generations and generations?
Every religion has its own concept about the births and deaths and the life after the death. They confess with their explanations and supportive speeches. The real thing is hidden to a common man, a forgiveness is necessary in these hearts to live and let live. Loving and kindness will give you the peace and a good nights sleep.
Many of us are off the track in these and they are still searching for their identity and while searching it they are believing about a second chance. Am not questioning any belief of a person or a religion but,am questioning the humans . About the life they have adopted to live today.
While doing this stuff I came across a very special website where it updates each moment and each second of the life on earth in terms of environment, society & media, government & economics, world population, food, water, energy, health.
Have a look at this website, WORLDOMETERS and know how the world is changing its digits in milliseconds. In such a place where is the matter of Reincarnation?
By visiting this website we can access all the live data across the world , birthrates and death rates ,environmental changes and other important data is updated live in this worldometers.

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