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Saturday, May 16, 2015

First Anniversary of World's Showcase

This is the first birthday of my blog

On April 30 2015 it is my blog's first anniversary and I didn't able to post anything on that day due to my exams and project work.
It is the most memorable day in my life as my dream came true with creating a blog and posting in it whenever a new idea strucks my mind and whenever I feel like shouting on the illegals. I take my blog over the limit to show how very much interested I am in the blogging arena. Before starting a blog I have no idea what is it all about and doesn't know about the copyrighted contents and minimum rules. Within a month I learnt them all and I gave the value to my blog(s) at top seed.

I am interested in writing ,but my own handwriting doesn't look good. I get low grades for my handwriting in the examinations because they won't see the spelling mistakes or grammar ,first preference is the handwriting and I don't have it for multiple reasons among them my hand pain.
Then, how can I own myself a person/machine to represent my ideas? I am not a business man to keep a personal assistant to write for me ! What can I do with this? And I am not ready to give up on writing because it is the only perfect thing in my life, I must write and I must. Then comes the 'blog' term introducing itself to me. A platform where millions and billions speak ,narrate and share their own or others experience online.

No need of a paper or a pen ,without an ink spilled you can write many more pages with the same speed or more too with the typing and can publish it instantly where the world becomes a reader itself.

Now I chose ,chose to write here and I did it a lot. Fell in love with blogging and improved it in terms of templates,content ,design and look. What will be the happiest moment than to watch a dream coming true.

Dreaming is being at a shore and making it true is to swim the other shore

The only dream I had is to become a physician ,it eventually faded away from my life making me an engineering graduate and I have/had many number of dreams and some I doesn't even know that I worth dreaming them. But all I can do it only to dream ,it is a free-feeling. When it is achieved then I can blog it. So now, its time to talk what the reason raised for. HAPPY FIRST BIRTHDAY TO THE WORLD'S SHOWCASE and thank you very much for making my dream to come true.

The reasons why am in true love with the writing is ..

  • First of all ,there are no comments on my blog posts ,that means no encouragement is seen behind me to write/post. Almost 99.9% of my posts are left without any comments. I still lose no hope and I got two or three comments from a single person and that is appreciable. I beg not to visit my blog and share the opinion but, one will do if there is something helpful for them or a likeminded person will visit. I invited my friends to visit my blog but none yet.
  • The SEO (search engine optimization) the guru of the networking and the most important thing to learn for a blogger to increase the traffic. I know least about it and I never put much interest on it because my writings are my love . I won't let others to check it or to prevent me from blogging. I am blogging since year without any comments or appreciations. I can move on with the same ...
  • Social sharing,leaving the blog URL on others blog posts and asking them to follow. All these things are truly the best sources to increase the traffic. And till now I didn't left a link on other blogs even I commented. Because I feel not to be an advertised one but I want to show off that am in love with the writing/blogging and this is just a one year and if God provides me more time and more strength there is much yet to come...

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