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Saturday, May 16, 2015

Fashion And You


Fashion is beauty, fashion is fair, fashion is style, fashion is charm and finally fashion is a fashion.

Irrespective of age, no limits to show-off the skills and got no restrictions on anything if you got your own kind of fashion in you. No need to round the ads for you're a fashion icon yourself. No need to run for the beauty parlour ,because your beauty is known to you. No need to try to draw the attention of others because they will be drawn if you are impressive in their sight ,if not you can't change their mind.

Tastes are different. You may be beautifully made and have a nice physic but it may not bring a closure attention from other person. Because he/she might be completely different from you and me. And all of us are UNIQUE in nature.
So, why should we follow the style? Why there is a follow for a fashion. Fashion is you, fashion is me . Fashion is style embedded within us ,why don't us make reveal ourselves with the own style?

That actress/celebrity is amazing in her style ,you may love her much and feel like her. Try to resemble her and imitate the style and finally end up with a huge disappointment as the style of her doesn't suits you. So why to follow ?

Fashion - a field that which makes or at least tries to make a wardrobe full of style. It is attractive ,but your style ,your code and your body is yours only. Sometimes even the celebrities feel a bit of lacking privacy in terms of fashion . But there they don't have a second option to choose ,unlike we have our own. There are no pressures from anybody , regarding what to wear and how to. Its our style ,our choice.

Use the homely mode of style and believe in your own makeup. Do not spend more time in thinking of impressing others. Because, you don't need to try to impress . If they are impressed they will be with you if not your try can make it happen. But, that doesn't last long.

Prepare a wardrobe by yourself, seek the help of your best friend mirror as it won't lies to you . It is so straightforward accompany you have. Examine yourself, make your own fashion.

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