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Saturday, March 07, 2015

THE FALL-Wrath Of The Truth

Its every writer's dream to publish a book. But it is hardest things to do if we are not a free person in life who is always busy with the college,exams ,works etc. And the pleasure of writing still with us as we write about the incidents regularly and trigger our ideas with day to day trend. And blogging is quite different from a story writing or a book writing ,we can shortlist the blog post maximum to maximum whereas in case of writing a book it cannot be done because we need to say elaborately to the readers what's our real passion is all about and since our blogs got some Autobots like 'about-me' and social network icons ,badges they say about us clearly and provides the readers a sneak peek into us. But in a book writing we need to start from the beginning as it doesn't contain the badged but it has the introduction and preface pages. This makes us dodge back from writing a book and kill the intention is ourselves about penning it. But the technology has improved a lot and it made it easy to write or publish a book and that too without spending a penny. There are many sites which will help us to write our book and preserve them in their servers which is edited again when ever we need it and it reduces our pen and piles of papers to carry with us on the go. The replacement here is done by the mobile phones or PCs . We can blog now via mobiles that is great news for guys like me who hates using a PC and feels absurd to carry it on my back. And these platforms favours us much and they assist us to pen our ideas or any stories into a book. When I surfed the web a year ago I found the site called 'widbook' and it helped me to publish my first ever ebook for free. In past I have many ideas about story writing,I lived in it daily by writing the stories when am at school but I wrote them in books and papers and I couldn't find them again when I needed because they maybe gone or maybe it was me who tore them or burn them in anger. And those hard copies turn to ash and never be retrieved unless I write them down again with the same topics freshly but it will definitely miss some data which is as in the beginning one. So,these websites really helped people like me to clap hands and say ,yes now we can do it easily. My first EBook on widbook is a mix of reality and fantasy it is The Fall-Wrath Of The TruthIts been really a long time I waited to write the book and that long awaited dream became a reality when I finished this short story in the form an EBook. There are many websites and platforms that will encourage your writing skills and brings the author out who is hiding in you. If you are with the same passion switch to these sites and take advantage of the best of the bests.    
            It is good to have something than to have nothing                       

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