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Saturday, March 07, 2015

The Cenation

When his music hits,i can only see a real champion walking,when he runs into the ring ,i can only see a person with #nevergiveup is stepping in,when he stands in the middle of the ring,i can only see an iron man is ready to fight against all odds.                                                             
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And that superstar is none other than the WWE icon and fan favorite of all time JOHN CENA.And i am impressed by his attitude and the way he took and running in the track for years and years.Even after seeing him beaten completely at Summerslam 2014 the respect i have for him didn't decreased a bit and this is due to his kindness and the charisma and his charity. Cena been booed by many in the WWE universe but still his place is iconic due to the influence he brought on the company, many superstars had came and gone but without Cena a PPV could be a hard to bite.The fighting spirit he got and the Hustle,Loyalty and Respect as his motto ,moves on completely in control and never lost his respect towards the wrestling rules and regulations and he never go too far with a superstar as long as the game is played like a game.He is completely a fair guy in the WWE .Am not devaluing other wrestlers but am being Cenation supporter for 7years so far i know how it would be being John Cena. His words are inspirational magics and his contribution to #makeAwish ,#noBullying are really appreciable and will be a part of his legacy.                   And finally am happy to write about him.

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