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Friday, March 13, 2015

Recipe-Gulab Jamun

Eating is also an art and I think am up to it because of the varieties that my mom had made and now my sister carrying that legacy.Sweets,hots and many more items are prepared by my sister at home and I do not assist her and I only eat and enjoys what she makes, I just like to appreciate her and can call her a chef.
Homely made dishes are sort of an adventure because to those who tries for the first time they feel like they are achieving a next level but to those who tastes it ,that is the point where we can call it an adventure because we are facing the one whose moves aren't known to us to defend it.

Credit: Sarala Sithara Vani Dasari
They can easily knockout us but,it is really an adventure ,eating and tasting adventure.I faced this situation twice for two of my sister's new dishes and got stirred up with the taste and it was really bad in taste but I didn't called it bad because it takes time to learn something new and if it comes to the cooking ,it will take some more time due to the measuring of the contents are not similar to our contents in blog.Bowl is a blog there and the adding of the ingredients are content in it, let's take a look at the following dish which she did well like a pro.chef in her second trial.

Gulab jamun mix.

This is a sweet dish and an Indian dessert which can be prepared at home or can get a commercial mixed powder .And this is the origin from West Bengal ,India and now is famous every part of the world.
Gulab jamun is a milk solids and wheat ingredients dessert and it contains saffron or cardamom powder according to our taste .We can add them directly in the syrup which is already prepared.
The ingredients of a commercially made Gulab jamun mix by Bambino™ are refined wheat flour,skimmed milk powder,edible vegetable fat,sodium bicarbonate and malic acid. This is available at any super market well packed in the form of powder.
Credit: Sarala Sithara Vani Dasari

Directions for use

•A dough is made with the mix of powdered content and 1/4 volume of water.

•By applying oil/vanaspathi or any other oily content to hands divide the dough and make it into small balls.

•Fry them in the oil until the balls turn brown in colour

•Prepare a sugar syrup ,and soak these fried jamuns.
. Note: The sugar syrup must be hot ,for this make it before you fry the balls.
A sugar syrup is made by mixing the sugar in the water and boiling it for 5minutes,the measures of sugar and water depends upon the intake of sugar in your family.
Now the sweet Gulab jamun is ready to taste and it is good in taste and can be prepared in a very less of time.A time saving dessert for guests who make uninformed visits and at special occasions.

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