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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

One Bold Step Defined My Destiny

This is all about that moment where i took a step extreme in my life and I pushed myself beyond the limits and my strengths to alter my life forever. This is the decision which made all my views on future a bit hard to bite and I kept myself as a prey to my own fears till they ripped my heart ,this is kind of personal something that which is related to my feelings and dreams and where I need to go along with the time and cast myself into the field which I hated most always.

I thought of taking one bold step which can completely keeps me on different platform of life and here I decided to move through it.All this is about my career which is a crucial time for me lurking between the two choices of education one is archaeology degree and on the other hand B.Tech (Bachelor of technology). I never liked the ,I mean ever .I heard of ragging and I heard of all the bad about it ,the students lifestyle and the new world of this professional degree never attracted me much.But I got a good rank in the Entrance test and I can't just let it go ,its my time to take a step and move on.I figured out all the troubles I could possibly face if I step into ,and the health problems by staying away from homely environment, the pains I could undergo when I face the toughest situation like getting bulleyed and I never want to become a 'laughter at' character .I know exactly what I am doing because all those years of study is at home and everyone is strong being home but in my case its different ,even being home my friends made fun of me that I can't play well and I can't flirt with a girl and I can't swim etc and many 'I Cant's' chants which caused me many nightmares

If I am that much bad at my own home how can I go to a foreign and perform well?Where I know not a single guy and being myself a stranger can I cope with all these issues? The night before I sign the papers which I claimed my already submitted cerficates at my archaeology college all these fears circled in my mind like the visulas of a movie and I couldn't sleep that night I sit back and I think and think and took a decision which is a one daring adventure that I ever made in my entire life.I decided to join the battlefield ( and I manipulated my thoughts and pre-plans to face all those punches.
When I went to college and then to the hostel ,that night seemed to me like it is the end of the world .I broke into tears and I catched the early morning train and headed home.I cursed myself for dragging myself into that situation ,I blamed myself for suck a huge risk .But, I was wrong because that courageous decision turned my life completely and shaped me into a perfect responsible person who I am now.Because of that bold step I took to join the field let my life go like a racer and filled me with anonymous passion and drives me closer and closer to the success.
I realised that there is no taste in the relief unless I had an experience of trials which are tougher of the toughest.These maybe silly to the people who think it was but its like a mountain to me and I climbed it up with all the spirit and overcoming the fears ,health issues, in evident gossips and all.If I jerk and stated back at home I am the same guy who living in the fear with my own built restrictions. I know not this blogging , I know nothing about the astonishing technology .But ,my one daring step altered my entire life ,without that step I know clearly what and where I could be right now.I blamed my craziness and I felt its nothing but a dead end but in the end it was all proved wrong and still I am proving my obsession that it is not a reliable one.What I am supposed to say here is never let your dreams die behind your instincts which are not trustworthy and have no proofs .Take a bold step whenever it is necessary and do not give ear to the discouragements ,make a way yourself and just be with it.The commitment we has will definitely guide us and there our destiny awaits.

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