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Sunday, March 01, 2015

NFS (Need for speed)

I like the movies which are focused on the street racings and the huge sportivity encouragers ,back in the 2014 March, it is the Need for speed movie and I loved the making of the movie highly appreciated super fast cars and the action they brought on the screen.
And the story is the biggest hit as it once agains proves that the racing theme in the Hollywood never a disappointing. This NFS shows the heart and forgiveness and the respect for the fellow competent in any sport that killing them is not worthy.Game and race is all about the spirit of the sport and the feeling for the races ,its not about backstabs and the cheats but a completely fair play. The NFS movie has got it all as Tobey Marshall(Aaron Paul) avenges for his friend's (Pete's (Harrison Gilbertson) death by the cunning minded Dino Brewster(Dominic Cooper) as he frames the incident as the theft by Tobey and Pete of his car by hiding it. And he spins Pete's car in a race and kills him before this. And with the help of His crew Tobey made it possible to register another race with Dino and he gets a chance here as Dino was left behind and struck inside the car after it hits the ground. But evil for evil is not encouraged here as Tobey goes back to the Dino's car and saves his life . Then he get caught by cops who are following him from the race as it is illegal one. The movie ends with the lesson that nobody has need to take the other's life to live and vengeance cannot end the pain ,tears in Tobey's eyes says it all in the movie as the music hits singing...
Weep not for roads untraveled Weep not for sights unseen May your love never end And if you need a friend There's a seat here alongside me

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