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Sunday, March 22, 2015

My Secret Of Happiness

            Happiness is a gift, a relief in times of grief and a comforter in times of distress. To get happiness we just need to feel ourselves and it is hidden in us but not anywhere. Searching for happiness in the temporary things is just a foolish thing to do because temporary things aren't the longlasting reliefs and they will shift from us at anytime.

The true happiness is a feeling that which makes us to live in the moment and make it a memoir. It cannot be bought in the markets and it is not a thing to cash but everybody deserves this happiness and when we are happy we can make the people around us happier with our smile.There is no naturality in the smile which we buy literally in the laughing clubs and it is just like an investment for a laughing gas,but we must become a laughing gas to our own world.
No need to be a reputated person to feel happy its in our lifestyle and attitude, if we desire hardly to be happy then it comes from nowhere and it is not associated with an extraordinary things but in the simple things which can fill our face with a little smile and this smile means a lot to us as we all have to face the odds on a daily basis. At school,College or at our workplaces , stress and tensions knocks us down to the bottom and steal the smile from us. What we need to do is strike back and take the gift as it belongs to us and that too...forever.

Things that make me happy

There are not one but many things that bring back the smile on my face, when I see any person who keeps on helping others that could make me happy and this isn't just happiness but I can move forward and take that person as an inspiration.
When my dad appreciates me in achieving any new goal whether its small or big ,that makes me happy

When I see a dog on street which I pass by ,I give it a cookie and observe its hungry is fulfilled upto some amount.
When I make my day really successful with the involvement of multiple tasks like doing well at a college test,a social campaign participation and meet up with friends and expanding myself makes me happy

I feel happy when the environment which am surrounded by is with full of cheerfulness and amusement. And there are many more things which I feel happy reminding my past moments and school days etc.

When the smile never feds away from our face,we bring a change in our field more than a half and we can become the reason to smile for the people around us. Never let that smile leave you at any cost...
This post is a part of Coca-Cola International day of happiness

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