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Sunday, March 08, 2015

IWD2015-International Women's Day

When it is a talk about a woman that talk never set to a conclusion ,I mean it is the discussion forever which keeps on new problems and challenges faced by a woman in the society.
Today we celebrate International Women's Day and every year on March 8' we do this. Many organisations,governments,charities,educational institutions,women's groups,corporations and the media celebrate this with hosting of different events for the women.This started in the year 1911 and the theme of this day is to bring the gender equality in the society. But there are some points which are taken into the consideration before we celebrate the day,they are as follows:

(1). The awareness programs on how to treat a woman when she is alone is said to be conducted by the various social camps.

(2). The responsibility of holding the respect is on every single person in the society and it doesn't belong to any particular category and can be the same for any level of classes.

(3). Care must be taken by woman by not pushing herself to the risk like travelling all alone when it is not necessary.And if necessary then she must inform her guardians or trustworthy friends about her trip and moreover carry some weapons like a pepper spray etc.

(4). The implementation of the safety of a girl in the society is only could done by the governments and should take steps to punish the harrasments causes.The misuse of the law is never encouraged in favour of anybody.
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