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Sunday, March 08, 2015

My Birthday Insight

It was my birthday on March 02' and I grown older with another year increased in me. Its time to stand before the mirror and examine myself whether I differ from the past years or am I still old class?.

I can only remember about the one year back that is in 2014 March 02' because I don't have much memory power to remind what I was alike before many years. Things have been changed around me like the world,I learnt many new lessons and new things and skills which made me proud to step into another freshener year.But last year it was pretty much hurt as I didn't celebrated my birthday even it came on Sunday due to an important college work and all I could do is a journey and however I discussed how 2014 ruined me and this year is quite good going on me than the previous one.
I have noticed few changes in my life from last birthday to this one.
•I somewhat developed my hardworking nature and showed off my skills in some fields and is victorious too.

•I realised the power of reality and its capability and I succeeded in applying it to my real life

•I came to know that who are with me and who are not by the way they exposed their inner thoughts by their deeds and I focused on how to move on in life without the involvement of such people in my life and moreover I learnt that I was misguided in past and it cannot be repeated again.  Every year it doesn't actually happen as we plan because if it is all fair we believe that there is no need of God ,and likewise I got both good and bad on this birthday too.Some are I gave party to two friends with all my heart before my birthday and it was not at all a satisfactory party in my sight as they didn't even cared for me and at least wished me in advance ,one of them didn't greeted me on the cake day too. This shows that I was with wrong people ,giving the best of me and I must learn from it this time. And secondly I didn't received a wish from the person whom I am expecting the wishes at 12:00am ,but this time its my dad who wished me first since three years.Many changes in gap of a year and lot of things to be aware of.

But life goes on,if a year brings me happiness in some cases it disappoints me in the other and i must implement new motivated ideas to comfort my argues and take down those ideas which are overriding my reality.

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