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Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Impact Of Technology On Cricket

LED stumps and bails
Introduction of the newest technology to the cricket has brought a remarkable change for ages and ages. As this innovative idea lead to the epic revolution in the Cricket ,it added some more colours to the audience and occupied a special place in their hearts. The technology is with both ,a boon and a bane.Some of the latest technologies makes us happy and some are sort of pain. This also can applicable to the Cricket if we observe some of the major changes that occurred in the cricket from the past years to the present. Now due to the technology, viewers can feel like they are in the stadium and this technology may be a distraction to the players in the field,best example is the spidercam,a cable driven cam which can present the viewers the so close and clarity of the game but many famous cricketers believe that it is a distraction to the game.                                         While some other technologies gained much respect like the LED stumps and bails which are in use for IPL(Indian Premier League) and also in the other matches . The latest technology is reliable,in some cases it may cause disputes due to the failures this doesn't mean it must be banned because long ago we never saw a cricket match in such a high definition as we experience it today, all this is achieved only because of the introduction of new technology and making improvements to the existed ones.Use of the HD cameras is the best example, as it makes us to feel the match. The ball tracking technologies like Hawk eye and hotspot to test ball impact on pad or bat has brought the revolution too. To solve the controversial decisions by the in-field umpires, implementation of UDRS or DRS (Umpire Decision Review System) is also appreciable which is the part of the newest technology. Ball spin RPM(Revolutions per Minute) and the technology which is used to award the boundary to a batsman when it is unclear in a third umpire review a battle between the ball and the fielder and the boundary pads are also resolved. Overall the introduction of the technology is encouraged because of the clarity it brought to us and it is discouraged due to the other negatives. We have to realise that there is both positives and negatives in any of the invents but depending upon the percentage of the reliability the future of the technology is decided whether it is a stay or just a blinking one.                                                                                                                           We can finally say that technology has brought and still bringing lot of new supportives to both the players and the cricket fans.The point to consider here is, as long as it is good in the sight of players it cannot be plucked out.Technologists must keep an effort in satisfying both the players and fans because without a technology there is nothing so attractive in these days but it also must be kept in mind that cricket is what existed before the technology introduced to it. It must be like this ,tech for cricket but not the cricket for tech.                                                                         P.S: This blog post is part of Blogger Dream Team

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