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Saturday, March 07, 2015

Google Blogger New Policy Didn't Worked Out

As what it is said before hereBlogger Policy there will be no changes made to the existing blogger accounts related to the explicit content.

It is reportedly said by the google that the ban on the nudity in the blogger cannot be done as announced before as they received lot of feedbacks regarding to the contentd in the blogs which may result in a huge loss of identities and may become a problematic to the bloggers and so changes as mentioned before isn't said to be occurring in the google blogger as of now simply a notification to the blog with nudity content is sent to make it under the category of maturity content and if not the blog then will be removed.This made me sad but i don't know what it will be really like for google to lose many blogs if they implement the new policy and i hope one day this policy can be run.

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