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Monday, March 02, 2015

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Games games and games...the gaming platform has changed all of us and it occupied its place in our hearts and there is none in this world who never been into this gaming arena by their androids or PCs and it can take all it wants in the form of coins and the real cash also involved in it. They attract us with the graphics and the 3d games as well as symbian games and puzzles etc are so addictive ones.The pay-per gaming centres for the 2d video games are outdated and the every home is built with the Xbox and playstations. The games are categorized based on the age of the players and on their interests and time of spending in playing. People like me generally not into the games but when we engage in any of the good game on the store then can't sleep until all it is finished up. But this is not possible with the games which are divived into episodes and needs gold coins or dollars to buy any packages and weapons (in action games) .
screenshot of '300' game

I played the strategic games,action,adventure, puzzle,role plays,fantasy etc and the longest played game in my childhood is the CONTRA S and the SUPER MARIO BROS . And I played this on my home video game connected to the TV, and recently I played most the 3d games and the best game is GUNSHIP BATTLE on my android device. The theme of the games are so influential on the players as when they play the heroic role they will feel like they are the one in the game and they play with all the involvement and concentration and when they sleep they dream of fighting with the villian . This is causing the minds to think even the game is off and draining the attentiveness from it and it will eventually makes us to fall for it. This new addiction will cause in the poor results at studies and lower performance in the reality as I am there too the huge indifferencess between me and my parents when I used to spend much time in playing the video games. I took all night up to morning 5am sometimes keep on playing until I take that boss out. And it caused me lack of sleep and what I am going to say is the technology is our handmade and it got both the benefits as well as the losses. So we all need to be aware of the health hazardous and keep a safe gaming without getting addicted.

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