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Monday, March 09, 2015

Galaxy -Free Chat and Play | Pros And Cons

Chatting,gaming,sharing,pinging and more are available in these recent days are at our finger tips where the platforms allow multiple applications in a single app whether it is on android or other devices. We didn't see this facility some years ago but now we got many apps which are entertaining us with all in one features,we can observe clearly in the stores of our devices that social media apps are increasing rapidly day by day and has no limits. Newly introduced apps,classy apps which are running in the race since longtime .We never get bored when we tap on these buttons and get connected to them and I have been there where the hunt for the apps goes beyond the border.I stay late nights and search for the apps which will provide some time to get passed whenever am free and I was given many choices and colourfully designed graphics attracted me.And one app that made me to feel much happier and completely satisfied ,that app is the GALAXY -CHAT & PLAY 
The app is intended for chatting and gaming with creation of an account and choosing an avatar then proceeding with some basic 'tutorial' by robomentor.Yes you heard it right here the chat rooms are not just simple boxes but they are with some beautifully made avatars and they appear like we are side by side and it is a 2d platform but resembles the IMVU website. The chatrooms in it are called as planets and they are named according to our wish ,many tasks in it are performed freely with the installation of the apps but additional features like creating a planet,buying new costumes and backgrounds will require the real money called a 'cu'.And according to the countries it will be charged.

This Galaxy app stands completely in the another level and unique from all the chatting apps in the store it stands alone from others. The app isn't with any explicit contents but there are some people who misbehaves in the planets.
PROS AND CONS OF GALAXY Likewise with all the other apps there are both positives and negatives in gala (short form of galaxy) too. The planets are with great artwork which are owned by the respective owner and the privacy of the planet (public/private) ,capacity of the planet to allow the people and all the other settings can be manipulated by the king of the planet who is with a crown on his head ,the owner.All this is interesting and quite addictive,and my personal experience with gala is astonishing and it is the greatest choice of all time in the entire apps and the most used app of all time both by money and by time.I earned the other world by using the app and it gave me many I mean many friends around the globe, some people I met via these apps are still in my contact list.
And I am pretty sure that I cannot go back into the galaxy world ever again because I am a hall of fame in using it and I got it all ,the good and bad from the app. And that respect I have for the app made me to write about it here . And the negatives in this app are the fake ids which are really disgusting and they act like girls even they are boys for a time pass and it is not so good place for girls who are too sensitive.Because the chats in this are really offensive in some cases and beyond this the galaxy is a great place to meet with new people and to get experienced by a new level of chatting arena.

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