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Sunday, March 01, 2015

From a winter to winter

There is the changes that circles with the seasons and different seasons will bring us the different mood.The feeling of a particular season won't be felt of another season of the same year and the same season in the other year,everything transforms from day to day and it needs our attention to notice what a season is giving us. We have Summer,winter,autumn and the rainy seasons.
All these seasons are the repeated process in our life cycle and we have specific and specialised styles for us when we go through these seasons and the season which gives us many memories will stand apart from those which aren't. And from the last two years the most memorable season is the winter and it is quite opposite to my past life as I love the summer season much and still I love it even the winter distracted it and going to make buildup with some memories. And the winter season from the year to year review was really awesome and it gave me the taste if both bitter and sweet. I got victories which are the brightest in my career and the love life and the sweetest things. And the unerased backstabs and betrayals of all time in my entire life . These winter to winter gave me all these and I can remember these as long as I live,especially the morning times @6am and the evenings @5pm the early mornings sunrises and the evenings sunsets and the fog travelling along the borders of the leaves and the trees are so nice. In India ,we cannot see the snowfall as it is only at the north east and Himalayan parts. But south Indians never saw a snowfall and the fog as much as in the images shown.
Being an asthma patient I cannot enjoy the wet in rain and much coolness but by the wish of playing I tried and bedded twice and for the third time I can play by not getting sick. I hope one day I can drive the ice-bikes and race,when I was small I used to watch winter x games and these are the winter seasonal memories. The summer evenings and the blowing winds I love it much.And these are my winter seasonal memories what are yours?

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