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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Blogs customization is necessary

My interest at writing articles and stories made me a blogger and not just a blogger but an obessessd blogger.I love to update my blog at anytime that means I have no particularly planned or scheduled timings to publish a new post ,whenever I struck with new ideas I blog.
Whether it is a midnight or early in the morning I just take a note as a reminder or I go to compose it directly. Sometimes I make big posts and sometimes I make shorter ,this depends upon the topic and the ideas and views of me in that topic .I can write more if am familiar with a particular section ,if not I can just say the outlines and highlighted content and then I close. Am close to the first anniversary of my blog and I would like to recall the blog(s) I first created and I didn't do this all in an overnight . It took months for me to know actually how to maintain a blog.I didn't focus on the SEO (search engine optimisation) because I am not running a commercial blog but its completely a personal blog.So I drifted my thinks on the content and the layouts and especially the design, in the beginning I got the basic templates which are offered by the google blogger itself and I learnt how to edit and customize the templates and change the backgrounds and text styles.Then I moved to the adding of the badges and gadgets to the blog which adds the attraction and they are like the decorative items to blogs.But we have to make sure that these gadgets must not be a distraction to the content and loading time of the blogs,the external sites which offer free and pro.templates which further helps our blog to look pro.when compared to the basic blogs.
These images will show how was my blog before and after when I made some changes regarding the layout ,design and the template.This will show clearly how can the designs can make the difference in the appearance of blog and its look. 

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