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Thursday, March 05, 2015

Back to Home

This story happened when am 9' years old and still I can remember it very well because it is the such scary and hard to forget and a loving one which taught me a lesson and inspired me to move on. I was back from school and it was Monday evening where my dad went with someother of his office staff to an aerodrome for a walk and they discuss about the tasks to accomplish and projects to finish. I can remember their discussion very well because I went with my dad one Monday evening ,and this time am eager to go but they already headed there. It is too far from the house and they took their bicycles for the ride and I fixed in my mind that I must join them at any cost and I told a lie at home that am going out to dad's office to bring the calculator and I started running on the road towards the aerodrome. I can merely remember the route because I have been there only once and when I stopped by the two lanes which are separated by two different roads I am totally confused in choosing the right one which takes me to the aerodrome. And I took the left one by hoping that it is the way ,knowing not really it is I started running and it lead me to another big junction which is now seperated by four different roads and I am completely distressed now as this is not what I am expecting in my run. Lot of confusion and I am unaware that I lost actually. Taking the second from left road and from there I go into a lane and then to a street where it ended. And I saw a ground where some school students and the local guys playing cricket. I began to cry ,and see dad and his team nowhere they are out of my reach and I don't even know how to get home now. I started to cry and run here and there from a corner of street to the other,then an old woman noticed me and stopped me and asked where was I am from ,I remember my street's name where I stay and I uttered it with uncleared words she got me and said its too far from there. I started to cry more now as all the people there are only strangers, two young girls and a woman with her small baby joined the old woman and they planned to accompany with me to a spot which is a temple road. I told them that if they can show me the route to the temple from there I can go home. They agreed with that and started to walk me to it I saw the cricket ground and other roads and finally am back to the road which am familiar with. I thanked them for the big help and I walked to home. At some point I thought I lost my life ,somebody will surely kidnap me and kill me or eat me alive. But with this help the optimism is back in me ,I found the hope of seeing my dad,mom ,sister and my pet dog (Zimbo).
when I reached home by walk after two hours. Zimbo kissed me and he is excited about the new scent I gave him of those new street as he sniffed my feet again and again. I was questioned by my sister what did I do for four hours I said I talked to an uncle at the office and my dad came home after fifteen minutes . And this is the untold story of mine and only I can remember it ,am scared to share with my family but it is the real story which gave me enough hope and showed me that still there is some kindness left in the world as I thank the stranger street girls for they brought my family back to me.                                                                                                                                                                                    P.S :This blog post is a part of Indiblogger and related toHousing/lookup .

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