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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Year review 2014 - A celebration ruiner

The year 2014 is the year of my luck , what I thought about the year is this because the digital sum is '7' which is my favourite number. (2+0+1+4=7) and everything got knocked out with the worst experiences I faced this year. And in my entire life I didn't saw any year as rude as the 2014. I keep on complaining about this since January 1st 2014 and even today on 31st December the feeling is same .
The year is so bad for me, and I cannot curse the year because it is a God gift and maybe he got some reason for letting me through these unforgettable pains it ruined my all parties .
I can call it a celebration ruined for the reasons ..
1.On January 1st I suffered a serious health problem and I couldn't even kneel down and pray and make a resolution.
2.All the festival holidays are filed as the most important working days in my career and that includes my birthday on March 02 where I went to college for an important task even its on Sunday.
3.Following it many other celebrations are washed away by the wrath of the 2014.

Besides, its a huge blow to me about my mom's health she stepped into ICU and so close to death ,but got saved by the mercy of the Lord. The worst and bloddy situations been with me in this year and it almost showed me the hell personally.
My dad's health been sickened too so as my sister's and no doubt in saying that the spirituality got shattered due to these baddest things I gone through a lot of bad, I mean a lot and I gone into its house and never back again because I seek the pleasure in that worst and lust. But I never ever tried to kneel and pray for it. I enjoyed being in it.

Besides, the year is good with some amount of success . I got my semester cleared all the subjects and in this year I drank alcohol 0.8% on June 20th and I interacted with many new faces and did some good deeds and played a good role in some situations. My biggest dreams related to gadgets got fulfilled in this year . I learnt many latest things this year.

The betrayal rate increased as friend(s) left me alone and they never came back to me. And a person whom I thought would be a blessing left me and kicked me out from her life. And I lied , shouted and thrown myself away from God. And in each and everything I did ,I LEARNT . The most torture I took this year both physically and mentally and hell gates opened for me .

What now..
Now ,am here standing alive with the same body and same eyes. With the same family and with the same love. What can I do now to change the past? I cannot travel into it and modify it what all I got is the NOW thing and the NEW thing which is yet to come and called as the present . I will try harder and harder never to repeat the things which are wrong again this year as of the 2014. I will learn more in my life marathon and clean myself and ready to receive the love from my Creator.
Am now ready to welcome the new year 2015 with all my heart.

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